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Last Update date : 2017.03.13


* Please note, this section is designed to give you basic product troubleshooting information, also refer to your user manual for more information.



Your smart phone might be on Safe Mode due to one of the following:


    ■ The Menu button was touched while the phone was booting up. 
    ■ The phone was not properly switched Off.

    ■ The phone has unnecessary yet installed apps.


If you wish to troubleshoot whether or not added applications are causing problems with the device, you can try to boot your device in Safe Mode. This mode will only load the basic system software needed by your device to run.


If you want to start your smartphone in Safe Mode, follow these steps:


Step 1: Switch Off your smart phone. Wait for at least 5 seconds (at most 8 seconds).


Step 2: Press and hold the Power key for one to two seconds to turn on the phone again.


Step 3: When the Samsung logo appears, quickly press and hold the Volume down key until the lock screen is displayed.


Step 4: On the Lock screen, Safe Mode is displayed at the lower-left corner of the screen. 


safe mode 




● Test the device and app functionality with Safe Mode enabled. If the previous issue fails to occur, the cause has been isolated to a third-party app and all recently installed or updated apps should be uninstalled.

● To disable Safe Mode, power cycle the device then reinstall and test each app one at a time to identify which app is causing the problem.


When you are done troubleshooting and you want to exit Safe Mode, you just need to power off your device as you normally would, then remove the battery for it to reboot. Or you may follow the steps below, if restarting the device won't work:


Step 1: Remove the battery while the device is ON.


Step 2: Leave the battery out for 2-3 minutes then place it back into the device.


Step 3: Press the Power button to turn the device on again. Let the device power On without holding any button as normal.


Step 4: Once the device has turned On, you will no longer see Safe Mode displayed at the lower left of the home screen.




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