Terms & Conditions

Samsung Studios Trade In offer

  • The Customer confirms that at the time of trade-in they have full ownership of their phone and no monies are owing on it to any third party.
  • The Customer indemnifies Samsung for all costs and liability incurred should the customer not have full ownership or owes money to a third party, including but not limited to debt recovery.
  • Data transfer is only provided if a customer purchases a new phone at time of trade-in or has an additional phone available on which to perform data transfer.
  • All phones accepted as trade-in will be subject to a mandatory factory reset.
  • Applications and data, including music, pictures, games and other personal information will be removed during the factory reset process. Parties associated with the Trade-in process; the Samsung Kiosk, the service repair agent shall not be responsible for the loss of any data or personal information you may suffer as a result of the trade-in or data transfer process (where applicable).
  • Trade-in phones must meet certain assessment criteria in order to be accepted as a trade-in.
  • Customers can only trade in their old phone when purchasing a Galaxy S8 or S8+ from the Samsung Studio.
  • Full list of Samsung Galaxy devices eligible for trade-in, and their trade-in value, is below:


GS7 Edge             $650.00
GS7                        $550.00
GS6 Edge +         $450.00
GS6 Edge             $400.00
Note5                   $400.00
GS6                       $350.00
A7 (2017)             $400.00
A7 (2016)             $300.00
A7 (2015)             $200.00
A5 (2017)             $300.00
A5 (2016)             $200.00
A5 (2015)             $150.00
J5 (2016)              $150.00
J5 (2015)              $100.00

  • Offer valid for the first 200 trade in’s.