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Filter Menu Guide

Using Filter Menu at Our Website

As shown in three cases below, you can learn how to move around within Filter Results at our website.
For your reference, we used our web page example from LED TV. Click here to see the example.

Case 1: How to select or skip Filter Results

1.1 To use our Filter Menu, press the ‘ Enter ’ key on your keyboard when your keyboard focus is on Filter Results.
If you select the Filter Result, you are ready to navigate products with various filters.

2.2 To skip the Filter Results and go directly to Matching Products menu, press ‘ Tab ’ key.

Case 1

Filter Results, highlighting each section(Filter results, sub menu, filter, filter menu, and matching products) and filter results in red

Case 2: How to select a sub menu or go to the next filter

2.1 To select a sub menu (for example, “ TV Type ”), press ‘ Enter ’ key.

2.2 To go to the next filter within the selected sub menu, press ‘ Arrow ’ keys.

Case 2

Filter Results, highlighting Sub menu (TV Type)

Case 3: How to select or skip within filters

3.1 To select a filter, press  the‘ Space ’ key. If you select a filter (for example, LCD TV), products of your filter choice will be displayed on Matching Products section of the page.

3.2 To skip sub menus or filters, press the ‘ Tab ’ key and this will move the focus to the next sub menu. (for example, the focus will move from “TV Type” sub menu to “Feature TV Type”.)

3.3. After the last filter menu, the focus will move to Matching Products menu.

Case 3

Filter Results, showing how to skip to the next sub menu