Be More Creative with the NX System

Dec 19, 2011

Ground view of Eiffel Tower

With the right combination of features, a camera can be a creative partner that helps you realize an artistic vision—as well as capture the moment.

Are you a camera novice, just breaking into digital photography, but hoping to deepen your skills? Or have your skills outgrown the typical pocket camera? Either way, it may be time to look for a camera that will grow along with your skills and has the added convenience of built-in editing features.

Focusing In

Pocket cameras, also known as point-and-shoots can be great for beginners. But as your skills grow, you need a camera that will grow with you. Samsung’s NX System gives you a point-and-shoot’s portability along with features you’d expect to find in a higher-end digital single-lens reflex camera, or DSLR. The centrepiece: Interchangeable lenses.

Many small cameras are limited to a single lens, and no matter how good it is, it can’t work in every situation. Close-ups and portrait photography demand a macro lens that can zoom tight on a subject without distorting the image. Landscapes and outdoor photography require a wide-angle lens that can capture a sweeping panorama. The NX System features both and more, letting you attach the lens you need for the perfect shot: Go wide to capture the spectacle of the big game, or use a macro-zoom to capture the look on the players’ faces.

Performance Art

Getting the best photos means you need top performance from your camera: High resolution (typically expressed in megapixels), quick auto-focus and the ability to shoot moving objects blur-free are critical to capturing great images. Samsung’s NX Series excels in all of these areas, making it the choice for photographers who want more out of their camera.

You will also want advanced features that give you maximum flexibility to realise your artistic vision. For instance, the NX Series includes a panorama mode, making it easy to capture an ultra-wide angle shot as you rotate your camera. The Image Play Smart Filter offers numerous modes that create a certain mood for your photos and videos, including soft focus, fish-eye and miniature-effect modes.

Editing Without the Computer

Best of all, these effects are built into the camera, giving you maximum creative control. With Image Play, you can take an old-timey photo or an artistic black-and-white shot right when you snap the picture—no need to edit it later on a PC.
In addition, the NX Series offers a multitude of useful, easy-to-use editing options including:

  • • Red eye reduction

  • • Correction for poor lighting

  • • Image rotation and resizing

  • • Beauty Shot (facial retouching)

With these features, you’ll be able to adjust your shots to perfection without having to download them to a computer and spend time editing them in a complicated image-editing application.

Easy Operation, Professional Results

Ease of use is also important: You don’t want the camera to distract you from your subjects. Thanks to the unique i-Function lens, managing settings is as easy for beginners as it is fast for pros. Instead of fumbling with tiny menu buttons on the camera, you can adjust them by turning a ring around the lens. Just click the i-Function button to select shutter speed, aperture, ISO or other functions, and spin the wheel to the setting you want. Then snap away till your heart’s content. As you become more familiar with your camera, the Hot Key button can give you one-touch access to your most commonly used settings.

And don’t forget extra hardware that expands your creative options. They include adapter rings that expand your selection of lenses, professional flash units that let you shoot in all kinds of lighting, and extra batteries, so you can shoot all day.

Photography is a great way to express your inner photojournalist and your inner artists. Whatever path you choose, an advanced camera like the NX Series will help you get there.