Holidays Made Simple with Samsung

Dec 19, 2011

Two food dishes accompanied with pair of wine glasses

Even though the holidays are all about tradition, one ritual you can skip is dreading the stress of preparing a huge holiday meal. There's no need to feel overwhelmed by the planning, cooking and cleaning—your kitchen appliances can make things easier, leaving you with more time to enjoy with family and friends.

Published: November 4, 2010

Preparing for Your Holiday Dinner

The key to pulling off a successful dinner is all in the timing and preparation. With your Side-bySide Door Refrigerator, you can prep food ahead of time and store it. The Twin Cooling System controls cool air for both the fridge and freezer, and because airflow between the two compartments stays separate, the freezer air stays drier while the fridge's moisture level helps fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. That means you can do your shopping well ahead of the big day, and chop your veggies and store them easily.

Other features that will make preparing your holiday dinner easier include:

  • • The adjustable drawer allows you to prepare appetizer trays early, then store them in the fridge until the big day (and there's plenty of room for wine bottle storage, too).

  • • This ENERGY STAR-compliant fridge has efficient LED lighting that brightens every corner, so you can quickly find the ingredients you need.

  • • With lots of holiday guests coming and going, you won't have to worry about the fridge door being carelessly left open. A handy alarm alerts you when the door is left ajar for more than two minutes.

Microwave Precision

The AMW83E is another brilliant holiday helper. When you're trying to defrost frozen foods, don't bother guessing the amount of cook time needed. The auto-defrost feature considers the weight of the food being cooked, so all you'll have to do is select the weight. The microwave does the rest.

This oven also cooks much faster than conventional microwaves, thanks to the convection-microwave combo:

  • • Fresh vegetables cook in less than two minutes.

  • • You can bake two potatoes in just 11 minutes.

  • • Get the perfect crust on your pizzas and pastries with our crusty cook function.

The large oven capacity (22.65 litres) makes this model great for heating large dishes that can't be prepared in a traditional microwave. The quiet, powerful vent ensures that odours are removed quietly and effectively—so nothing can stink up your holiday get-together (except maybe an annoying guest or relative).