Instant Video Uploading—Just Add Memories

Dec 19, 2011

Man recording video of woman and two children at funfair using Samsung camcorder

Capture life’s events, both big and small—Compact in size but still offering high-quality images, digital camcorders make it easy to take still-photos or create movies, and upload them to your computer or television.

Published: September 16, 2010

Share Your Experiences

The utility of wireless, combined with the newly WIFI and DLNA-enabled camcorders, allow for immediate uploading and streaming.

Gone are the hassles and delays of "post-production." It's all about instant access. Now proud long-distance grandparents can watch their grandchild's first coo via e-mail. Brides and bridesmaids can simultaneously share shopping trips in different cities.


Stream Memories to Your TV

To share videos with those closer to home, camcorders that are DLNA-enabled (Digital Living Network Alliance) can stream video straight from the camcorder to a DLNA-compatible computer or television without the need for cables.

A camcorder's wireless connection allows you to upload photos and videos to your email account, or post them directly on any social networking site, thanks to the touch of a button.