Protect your phone and yourself

Dec 19, 2011

A couple examining phone security guidelines

With so much of our lives now existing on our mobile phones, it is essential that we take the necessary steps to protect our privacy. Modern mobile phones are now incorporating innovative security features such as the Mobile Tracker, Fake Call and the Listen-in application to keep you, your content and your phone as safe as possible.

One of the real problems of having so much of our lives existing on our mobile phones is that losing a mobile phone, whether it is stolen or simply misplaced, is a real hassle. And it isn’t just the money and time involved in replacing it that’s annoying, it is also an invasion of our privacy. Luckily, help is at hand.

The Mobile Tracker feature found on mobile phones is one of many features that help increase the chances of recovering a lost or stolen phone. Basically, when a new SIM card is used by your phone it automatically generates and sends a message to a pre-designated number with the new SIM card’s mobile phone number. This helps in tracing the new SIM and your mobile phone, which can be a powerful deterrent against thieves.

Other helpful security features include the Fake Call and the Listen-in application. Both are initiated by a double tap button, the Fake Call (as you may guess from the name) makes your mobile phone ring as though someone were calling it. This can be an extremely helpful tool when unsure about your surrounding or just when you wish to avoid a particular person. There are numerous occasions and situations when this feature can lend a hand.

Then there is the Listen-in application. This allows for a pre-designated person to listen-in on your phone calls. This is a very powerful tool. This also works by double-tapping a button during a phone call; at this point your phone will ring another phone unbeknownst to the person you originally called. Like most security features, this is not something you will use often but might it be the difference one day.

And finally, when talking about mobile phone security, being prepared is always the best defence against unfortunate situations. Memory cards, such as Micro SD cards found in the Samsung Tocco and Monte phones, ensure that all your important information is backed up. So, even if you do have your phone stolen or just leave it on a bus seat, all your content, from pictures to email addresses, are kept safe and secure. They really are a must-have accessory for any modern lifestyle.