Record and Share, Instantly

Aug 22, 2012

Record and Share, Instantly

Ever try to shoot and share high-quality video with a conventional camcorder, only to be frustrated by how difficult it is? You might even be tempted to use your phone’s rudimentary video camera instead. The Samsung QF20 makes Full HD video easy to capture and wirelessly share, even without a film-school degree.

If your camcorder is finicky about the way you hold it, shoot with it, or share your videos, you might find yourself leaving it at home. After all, why distract yourself from the fun you’re trying to capture? The lightweight, compact Samsung QF20 Smart Camcorder lets you shoot and share Full HD video without the hassles.

Righties and Lefties Unite!

Whether you’re right- or left-handed, shooting video from difficult positions has never been easier. Ordinary camcorders force you to hold the camera in a certain way to avoid tilting the scene. If you don’t, the resulting video can leave viewers craning their necks just to follow the action. Switch Grip II lets you rotate the screen 180 degrees to give yourself the most comfortable grip, recognizing the angle and adjusting the picture so it doesn’t flip upside-down. Need to capture vertically oriented action such as your daughter’s first trampoline experience? Just rotate the screen 90 degrees—the image will remain right-side up.

Wireless Sharing Made Simple

OK, so you’ve used Switch Grip II to capture that extremely vertical trampoline video, and now you can’t wait to share it with the grandparents. Time to remember how to connect it to your computer so you can email it or post it online, right? Not with the QF20. Built-in Wi-Fi capability makes it easy to share moments on the move, without having to lug the right cables around.

Post your video straight to YouTube or Facebook, or for a more cinematic experience, use the TV Link feature to wirelessly display your videos on a big-screen TV. With a click of the Auto Backup feature, you can also save video to your PC without wires.

No Oscar Required

You shouldn’t need to be an Academy Award–nominated director to produce high-impact Full HD video. The Samsung QF20 has features that can make you look like a pro, even when conditions aren’t perfect (hint: They never are). You don’t need to be perfectly positioned to capture every key moment of a soccer match, for example. The QF20’s 20x optical zoom (40x digital zoom) puts you in the middle of the action even when you’re pacing the sidelines.

Meanwhile, OIS Duo Plus Optical Image Stabilizer keeps images steady even when you’re not (ever try to run and shoot at the same time?). You also don’t have to bring along a lighting engineer or sound expert. The QF20 automatically adjusts to 11 lighting environments to produce excellent video, whether you’re shooting a karaoke party or a sunny ski slope. Smart BGM (Background Music) II lets you add background music right on the camcorder.

Easy to Carry and Use

The QF20’s 2.7-inch QVGA Smart Touch LCD screen makes it easy to access features and videos with just a touch. And the camera’s light weight and compact size make it nearly as handy as your smartphone. Next time you’re heading out for some fun—or for a once-in-a-lifetime event—you’ll be happy to bring your QF20 along. And you’ll be even happier when you’re sharing the amazing video you captured.