Make “Nights In” a Knockout with a Home Entertainment System

Dec 19, 2011

Family watching a Samsung TV in living room

Getting the family together for a “TV night” has become a much richer experience since the days of plain old channel-surfing. Today’s home entertainment systems let you create special family entertainment events like movie nights, gaming tournaments, multimedia presentations, and more. Round out the event with snacks and extras for a night in that’ll knock everyone out.

Make family time a night to remember by creating fun events centred around your home entertainment centre. With high-quality picture and sound, as well as convenient web connectivity to download movies and more, your home is suddenly the hottest ticket in town. Samsung’s 3D Sound Plus will transport you to the theatre, the stadium, the game, the concert hall—wherever your family’s interests and your imagination can take you. So round up the family: it’s time for a night in.

Make Movie Night a Red Carpet Experience

Don’t fight crowds and spend a fortune to take your family out for a movie night—instead, bring the fun home to your own living room. A home entertainment system lets you experience movies the way they were meant to be experienced: with theatre-quality audio and eye-popping visuals. With 3D Sound Plus, everything you see in 3D, you hear in 3D, whether it’s a drum solo at the back of the stage or an approaching jet fighter that makes you duck behind the couch. Meanwhile, 3D Converter makes even 2D movies pop with extra depth.

Once your home entertainment centre is set up, all that’s left to do is to choose the movies for your family’s big night in. With features like built-in Wi-Fi for streaming video, and access through Samsung Apps to popular movie services like LOVEFiLM, you’ll have your pick of new and classic movies alike.

So, what to serve your crowd of hungry moviegoers? The most iconic movie snack is also one of the cheapest and easiest to prepare, so serve up lots of fresh, buttery popcorn. To make it feel like a real movie theatre experience, stock up on oversized packages of your family’s favourite candies and then let each attendee select a box to share.

Score Big with Sporting Events for the Whole Family

Big-ticket sporting events aren’t just for celebrities and VIPs anymore. Bring the excitement of the stadium home by hosting friends and family for the next big game. With a home entertainment system equipped with features like full HD and 3D Sound Plus, your guests will feel as if they’re actually at the game (minus the noisy crowds, long lines, and outrageous ticket prices).

Show some spirit by encouraging everyone to wear his or her team’s colours, or even by making face paint available for the true die-hard fans. Keep their energy up by serving snacks to match the event, such as nachos for the football or strawberries with cream for Wimbledon. And make sure to have plenty of cold drinks on hand—cheering a team to victory can be thirsty work!

Share Multimedia Memories with Family and Friends

Movies and sports are fun, but for an extra-special night in, make your family the stars of the show with vibrant multimedia creations made from your own photos and videos. The seamless LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity of your home entertainment centre means that it’s simple to stream content from another device (such as your home computer or smartphone) to the vibrant big-screen display of your Samsung TV.

Make it a theme evening by including refreshments that were served at the featured event, such as cupcakes and sparkling beverages for a wedding photo slide show, or steamed prawn and umbrella drinks for video highlights of your island vacation. Showing your favourite moments to your friends and family helps you to create new memories while sharing recent ones.

Turn Education into Family Fun

Enhance your children’s understanding of a school assignment by spending time with them watching a TV show or movie that pertains to the subject matter. Use your home entertainment centre’s Smart Hub feature to search for topical movies, shows, and videos via a range of online services. Afterwards, instantly browse the web through your Wi-Fi-connected TV to further explore what you’ve learned.

Encourage family discussion, and offer “brain foods” like apple slices with peanut butter, whole-wheat pretzels, and mixed nuts. With the whole family involved, learning can become just another fun activity.

Take Game Night to the Next Level

Take the quaint “game night” concept up a notch by gathering the family for an all-out gaming tournament! With multiple HDMI ports to keep all of your gaming systems connected to your TV, you’ll be ready to issue the challenge on a moment’s notice. Feel like you’re inside the game with the HD-quality sound of Crystal Amplifier Plus, and even upscale your 2D games to 3D with Samsung’s 3D converter.

Keep snacks to the one-handed variety so as not to disrupt the game play. Chicken fingers, cheese quesadillas, and pizza bites are just a few ideas for game-friendly foods. But don’t be surprised if everyone is too caught up in the action to eat!