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    Samsung Smart School
    White Paper

    Samsung Smart School

    Ruthbea Yesner Clarke, Research Director of IDC Government Insights explains how Samsung Smart School solution could lead the way for an interactive and connected educational environment, and between student-teacher relationships.

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    Timely Assistance Anytime
    Case Study

    Timely Assistance Anytime

    1,000 engineers in France were given the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 to improve customer relations and ensure their satisfaction. This was successfully achieved as the Tab allowed the engineers to provide swift assistance, whenever needed.

    The Perfect Mobile-Car Device
    Case Study

    The Perfect Mobile-Car Device

    Samsung's Drive Experience Solution with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 ensured that Kia Motor's customers were kept satisfied with the advanced mobile functions, strengthening customer satisfaction, and also making sure that the automotive solution boosts sales.


    Samsung Pop In Zone

    This video is a short advertisement demonstrating the workings and benefits of Samsung Retail Solution.

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