The SCX-6545N colour printer is a dynamic device that delivers fast print outs and has multifunction features like duplex and copying. Maximise your productivity with Samsung†s special document functions like SmarThru and SyncThru that allows you to be organised and helps to manage your time better.

Welcome to your high performance office

This high-performance printer is one of the fastest of its kind in the world. With ultra-rapid printing capabilities of 43 full-colour A4 pages per minute, and high-resolution 20pim colour scanning performance, you can achieve the professional print results you require quickly and easily. And featuring document management solutions like SmarThru and SyncThru to streamline your workflow, and an economical space-saving design, this is a complete business solution that your office can depend on for guaranteed productivity and superior print quality.

Connect with your colleagues

The SCX-4645N laser printer will keep your lines of communication open by connecting everyone in the office to a single network, allowing your staff and administrators to maintain smooth, efficient printing operations. The Ethernet interface will allow you to connect the printer to this network, increasing performance and making better use of time. With a common printer for everyone there is no need to service multiple machines, meaning that your business will save time and money while your staff improve their communication skills.

Massive monthly duty cycle makes it easy

Designed to be easier to maintain than other printers, the SCX-4645N lets you focus on other tasks by delivering a consistently reliable printing and copying performance. Thanks to its unparalleled monthly duty cycle, this Samsung printer is more efficient and harder working than its competitors. It comes network-ready so it can be shared by multiple users, letting your staff have the flexibility to print to a centralised device from different desks.

Simple scanning, no matter where it’s sent

With the Samsung SCX-4645N, the only thing that users have to do is to choose a location for their scanned documents. Scanned files do not have to be converted, as this time-efficient, multi-function office assistant automatically processes your documents for FTP, SMB, fax, email or printing. This avoids laborious formatting processes at the same time as providing users with increased flexibility.

Forget the manual, go automatic

The Samsung SCX-4645N has a vivid 7-inch colour LCD touch screen that enables users to begin operations simply and intuitively. Information is displayed clearly and you can access most menu options directly from the LCD itself. This logical navigation reduces operation time and increases productivity.

Print it your way

Full of unique copy functions, the SCX-4645N increases your creativity and productivity. It allows you to divide the original material into full-page sections to create posters. In addition, users can save time and materials with 2 and 4-up copying. It gives you the option of producing multiple images on one page with clone copying, and to print double-sided business cards that directly benefit your employees.

Fed up with paper feeding?

Feel free to multitask while your documents print: the SCX-4645N will crank through even your biggest print jobs without relying on you for a paper refill. Upgrade the standard 620-page capacity cassette with up to 520-page and 2100-page optional cassettes for even larger capacity paper handling, perfect for all of your bulk printing needs. Sometimes, bigger really is better.

Product Configuration

SmarThru™ Workflow 3

With the integrated SmarThru™ Workflow 3 solution, the Samsung SCX-4645N saves you time by allowing the sending of both paper and electronic documents directly to multiple destinations, including email inboxes, network folders and fax machines.

Paper Jam

Your productivity stays high with the SCX-4645N's semi-retard roller. Picking up only one piece of paper at a time, the printer avoids time-consuming and inconvenient occurrences like misfeeds and paper jams.

SyncThru™ Admin 6

SyncThruTM Admin 6's accessible interface allows businesses to install, manage and monitor all networked digital printers easily from a convenient central location, saving valuable time for your organisation. Our easy-to-read reports enable business users to analyse data in more detail.

SyncThru™ Web Service

Our innovative SyncThruTM Web Service saves you the time and hassle of having to install and manage extra software. It allows you to change printer settings, upgrade firmware and check your printer's status quickly and easily.

CounThru™ 2.5 Pro/Enterprise

Save your organisation time with our superior CounThruTM 2.5 Pro/Enterprise interface. This feature means there is no need for business users to leave their desk. The printer delivers status reports, low toner warnings, error notifications, and even usage and customer billing summaries to your desktop.

SmarThru™ Office

The SmarThru™ Office solution allows you to be more organised than ever when handling business documents. Users can upload and store material in convenient folders which then allow them to be indexed and bound prior to the delivery or editing process.

Expandable Memory

The SCX-4645N's built-in memory saves your business time. With 256MB of RAM as standard, it processes and prints jobs more quickly. Should your business require even greater printing power, you can upgrade the capacity to 512MB.

80GB Hard Disk

The SCX-4645N's in-built 80GB hard disk helps you monitor and manage print and copy jobs by reducing network congestion and optimising data retention. This in turn serves to improve the efficiency of confidential and delayed printing.

Extensible Open Architecture

This model lets you modify its user interface with personalised function controls, designs and shortcuts. This way it is customised to optimise performance according to your specific business needs. It also lets you choose between embedded or web-based printing, bringing further flexibility.