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High-Performing Census Utility

Throughout the UAE, policy makers, government officials and other public sector workers are effectively implementing a high-performing survey tool that records accurate, real-time census information directly onto the GALAXY Tab.


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  • Country
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Industry
    Public sector


  • Technology
    Census Application and Geographic Information System Application
    Function to synchronize the census data with the main server, and update of building/positional data utilizing GIS

  • Device
    GALAXY Tab, GALAXY Tab 10.1

Business Solution

  • • Utilisation of a census application and geographic information application to provide policy makers, businessmen and government with reliable statistical data
    • Optimum utilisation of equipment for convenient investigation, taking into account the size of the equipment, support for an external memory and battery life
    • Reinforcement of strategic cooperation with the solution provider through a successful POC (Proof Of Concept)


  • • Development of an interface with a GIS application program which was used for the existing iPad
    • Equipment size suitable for work relating to collection of censuses, support for an external memory, and long battery life
    • After-sales support service

    Each census-taker carried a tablet which uses two solutions to transmit census data - census program and geographical information program and the goal was to ensure reliability.


  • • Census application and geographical information system application
    • GALAXY Tab
    • GALAXY Tab 10.1

    In collaboration with ESRI, the leading GIS solution provider, we have developed a new interface that makes the GIS iPad app compatible with GALAXY Tabs. Also, we strategically agreed with each other to ensure that the advantages of Galaxy Tab as a statistical survey device (size, support for an external memory and battery life) were acknowledged through a successful POC, and to utilise the same for statistical surveys in the future.


  • • Securement of reliable statistical data using GIS
    • Enhancement of convenience in census taking by utilizing improved hardware (size, support for an external memory, etc.)
    • in comparison to that of the existing iPad

    This is not only a successful case study of having used smartphones for mobile census collection for the first time in the world, but also a major success in terms of e-commerce between a company and the government (B2G). It enabled the government to generate government-guaranteed statistical data by enhancing the reliability of data through utilisation of GIS, taking a step forward from the existing census collection method.

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