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Superior Homecare Provision

Healthcare professionals at Brookdale Senior Living can now use their GALAXY Tabs to access medical records and other valuable information, allowing them to provide a superior quality of care to their vulnerable patients.


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  • Country
    United States

  • Industry

  • Customer Profile
    Brookdale Senior Living
    A home care service leader and the biggest senior service provider in the United States


  • Technology
    Homecare Homebase’s™ PointCare Manager SOTI® MobiControl

  • Device
    GALAXY Tab 10.1
    Samsung Stratosphere™ GALAXY Phone

Business Solution

  • Brookdale Senior Living is a leading provider of homecare and the nation’s largest provider of Assisted Living Facilities, Independent Living, Memory Care and Continuous Care Retirement Centres (CCRC). The healthcare service giant has introduced Samsung GALAXY Tabs in an attempt to improve the efficiency of its employees across the country. With the help of an integrated mobile Medicare solution, more than 3,000 nurses and medical staff who are responsible for outpatients can access updated medical records in real time, which is a smart way to ensure business efficiency.


  • Vast amount of medical data
    Brookdale Senior Living attracts many customers throughout the nation and has taken a lot of time and human resources to update the huge flood of medical records. This problem was due to the inconvenient methods available to medical staff for accessing medical records.

  • The need for remote business support
    The need for a system that could process information in real time was raised. Basically, a new system was needed for medical staff who were responsible for outpatients because they frequently visited salutarium facilities and houses, rather than being in the office. As the healthcare business is supposed to respond to customers quickly, a remote business solution was required as a matter of urgency.


  • GALAXY Tab 10.1 / Samsung Stratosphere™ GALAXY Phone supported
    300 Samsung GALAXY Tabs and 2,500 Stratosphere™ GALAXY phones were provided to nurses and staff responsible for outpatients, to support their remote work.

  • Integrated mobile Medicare solution
    Homecare Homebase™'s PointCare Manager is a home healthcare solution preloaded onto the Samsung GALAXY Tab. With the Samsung mobile EMR, users can access and monitor medical records in real time.

  • Remote security solution
    Based on more than a decade of specialisation, SOTI® created MobiControl, an integrated solution consisting of an MDM Helpdesk, and Security and Tracking functions. The performance of the solution has been proven several times over, for the remote control and mobile device management fields. When an employee accesses and updates the medical records outside the office, MobiControl ensures powerful security. According to the SAFE™ program, Brookdale Senior Living has provided 300 Samsung GALAXY Tabs with integrated Homecare Homebase™ PointCare Manager and SOTI® MobiControl for its medical staff. With the mobility of the GALAXY Tab reinforced by the excellent Medicare solution, clinical staff in Brookdale Senior Living can access and safely update medical records from remote medicare sites in real time.


  • Improved quality of medical service
    Real-time updates of medical records allow medical staff to respond to their patients instantly and accurately using information shared between medical staff and clinicians.

  • Reinforced security of personal information
    Brookdale Senior Living has installed a security device in the mobile device to effectively manage the new mobile application while complying with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements.

  • Increased productivity of medical staff
    By introducing both the Samsung GALAXY Tab and the Samsung Stratosphere™ GALAXY Phone, medical staff have improved their business mobility by being able to access medical records on the go. The conventional task of recording and updating patient data manually on paper has been removed, which is a great help in reducing costs and increasing business efficiency. Real-time communications and schedule management are also key factors in improving work efficiency.

  • Increased patient satisfaction
    Patients can now get on-time medical treatment of the same high quality as at the medical facility, without actually having to visit it. In particular, they can check their medical records with Samsung's mobile EMR, which increases the satisfaction of the patients at Brookdale Senior Living.

  • Enhanced corporate brand image
    The new innovative mobile Medicare solution has been shown to improve the business environment for medical staff, and to provide advanced medical services for patients, all of which ensures the brand image.

"Samsung has a niche in the market for smartphones and tablets."

- Dan Crangle, Director of Telecommunications, Brookdale Senior Living

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