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Solution Brief MagicInfo-I Light; MagicInfo-I Premium

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) rely on backlit prints which they change much too often, resulting in high costs in operations. The use of LFDs immediately translate to huge gains in terms of efficiency, time to market, communications, site premiumness, and customer retention. Furthermore, LED monitors don't add much heat to the environemnt.

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Solution Brief MagicInfo IWB

Samsung describes the school of the future and how the Samsung e-Board fits right into that picture to ensure undistracted students, intuitive learning, and reliable teaching.

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Solution Brief Customer Information Security Solution

Based on experience in implementing systems to support the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the U.S. Patriot Act, Samsung developed a high-security document management solution: Samsung Customer Information Security Solution

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Solution Brief EasyPrint Customization Solution

EasyPrint Customization Solution helps respond to customer requests more efficiently. With the solution, financial offices can implement document customization processes that help produce professional, high-quality, custom documents.

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Solution Brief Medical Security Printing Solution

Medical Security Printing Solution is designed for simplified installation without the need to hire a technician, reducing operational costs. In addition, the SnycThruTM printer fleet management tool is expandable to accommodate healthcare facility’s needs.

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Solution Brief Medical Document Management Solution

Samsung SyncThru™ Admin features Job Accounting to track copies and prints, and the PC Dashboard to monitor devices. Job Accounting can assist institutions by controlling the number of prints and copies made by people.

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Solution Brief EcoPrint Professional Solution

Samsung EcoPrint Professional Solution provides IT administrators with a suite of selectable, energy-saving options. Administrators can configure and customize device drivers remotely to help reduce material use and energy consumption.

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Solution Brief Smart-School AutoGrade Solution

In order to help educators save their time on not only grading but also creating the answer sheets without security concerns, Samsung has introduced Grading Automation solution featuring SecuThru™ Lite, which enables automatic scoring

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