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White Paper Samsung Smart School

Ruthbea Yesner Clarke, Research Director of IDC Government Insights explains how Samsung Smart School solution could lead the way for an interactive and connected educational environment, and between student-teacher relationships.

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White Paper An Executive View Point

Bum-Coo Cho, the senior Vice President, Mobile Communications Divisions, Samsung electronics explains how Samsung is meeting the challenges of Enterprise Mobile Security with BYOD models and ensuring that IT needs are met.

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White Paper Samsung SecuThru Lite

The Samsung SecuThru Lite ensures confidentiality of sensitive data and protected operation of high-use MFPs with card authentication, secure release printing and job accounting. Also it helps companies meet strict regulatory requirements.

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White Paper Anyweb Print Solution

Samsung's Anyweb Print Solution is an ingenious way to capture any information you want from the screen, and re-arrange them on a single page before printing. This solution saves time, money and the environment.

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White Paper Easy Color Manager Solution

Samsung's Easy Color Manager Solution helps you enhance your images and provides special effects for each of them. It also allows you to create your own color profile, enjoy dramatic effects and save toner.

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White Paper Samsung Universal Print Driver

The Samsung Universal Print Driver is a single driver solution that eliminates the need to install multiple drivers. When installed, it supports all printer brands, providing easy access to multiple printers from one location. Multiple printers are accessed using a search feature, and status information for each printer is also available.

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White Paper Samsung polymerized toner

Samsung polymerized is revolutionary laser printer toner which produces high quality prints while consuming low energy and material costs. The process in which small uniform particles are grown in water through a chemical reaction called aggregation enables sharper images and lines while higher wax content improves image gloss and durability of prints.

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White Paper Samsung MobilePrint

Samsung MobilePrint is a convenient printing and scanning application for Android and iOS devices to print directly to any networked or Wi-Fi enabled Samsung MFP or printer on a network with wireless access. Its function includes printing photos, PDF files and web pages, and scanning documents in the JPG, PNG or PDF format to the mobile devices.

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