The Samsung mobile solution for the medical and healthcare industry helps to increase efficiency and improve service quality. Innovative mobile technology enables staff to deliver personalised, patient-centred medical services as well as reducing costs. The Samsung SDS Mobile Sales Force Automation focuses on sales activities, managing customer relations, order placements and bill collection. Your sales team will become more effective and competitive with this new convenient platform for managing your customers. Staff can update information and access customer data quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere.

Key Feature

The Samsung SDS Mobile Sales Force Automation is your order management and logistics information support system. Enabling real-time product ordering and tracking, the solution streamlines CRM processes and improves efficiency, leaving more time to concentrate on your business. Your sales activities are supported by a real-time bill collection and payment system, automating the process and reducing business costs.


• Change the way your business works with the Samsung SDS Mobile Sales Force Automation solution. You can build a more efficient sales force by enabling them to check customer information and build strategic sales activities wherever they are
• By providing accurate and up-to-date information in a clear, graphical format based on real-time sales data, your team can respond to their customers' needs instantly
• It is essential for important customer and confidential sales information to be kept secure. You can now rest assured that the MDM and mobile security solution minimises the risk of leaking valuable data

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