In recent years, climate change has threatened the environment. Governments have recognized environmental sustainability as an area of competitive national advantage. As a result, they are implementing green regulations on businesses to adopt practices that reduce reliance on carbon-based
energy sources. To encourage firms to consume less energy, governments are offering tax rebates and other incentives to companies that meet new green requirements.

To control energy consumption and gain long-term cost savings, companies are searching for efficient solutions to manage and monitor printer use. IT managers and administrators need an efficient way to manage fleets of multifunction printers (MFPs) while reducing energy consumption and printing supply costs. The increasing cost of paper and toner cartridges is requiring businesses to find aggressive ways to monitor and reduce the use of these supplies.

Eco-friendly printing solution to reduce material use and energy consumption

Samsung understands the importance of environmental sustainability and has been developing eco-friendly products winning awards as a world leader in reducing material
use and energy consumption.

Samsung EcoPrint Professional solution provides IT administrators with a suite of selectable, energy-saving options.
Administrators can configure and customize device drivers remotely to help reduce material use and energy consumption.

Solution Features

1. Save resources and operating cost by controlling customized print driver configurations on multiple PCs without a dedicated server system with Easy Deployment Manager (EDM)
2. Reduce toner and paper usage by selectively printing through Easy Eco Driver (EED)
3. Reduce energy consumption and printing supply cost by managing printer fleets remotely with the SyncThru ™ Admin


• IT Administrators can reduce material use and energy consumption with a suite of selectable, energy-saving options.
• Individual users can also participate in energy saving by utilizing eco-friendly printing options.


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