Samsung SecuThru™ Lite is an simple, secure solution that provides a safe printing environment for the handling of confidential documents. By ensuring only Authorised Users have access to their documents at point of print, your business’s sensitive material is better can be protected than ever. Samsung SecuThru™ Lite smoothly integrates with other programmes and offers several benefits to the security of your organisation’s print operations.

Raise The Security Of Your Print Environment

SecuThru™ Lite has been specifically designed to enable business organisations to implement high levels of information security without causing unnecessary inconvenience to users. Unauthorised Printer access is often overlooked despite the potential risks to business confidentiality and increase in costs, and this solution aims to minimise the threats without detracting from your business operations productivity or efficiency. While keeping processes simple, users are able to print documents without risking the security of potentially sensitive data.

Request, View And Delete Print Jobs With A Convenient Interface

SecuThru™ Lite features a simple user interface that enables users to request, view and delete print jobs with ease. Using the SyncThru Web Service (SWS), administrators can control how documents are printed and specify how long jobs can be retained before they are deleted. Smart Release allows you to print a job automatically without having to go through the job list. Once a job has been released following authorised log-in, the job is no longer stored in the printer, making work flows more efficient.


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