The Q100 features the innovative Switch Grip function, giving you the flexibility to hold the camcorder in either hand.

Shoot video that’s as clear as day

The Samsung Q100 HD camcorder, with its advanced BSI CMOS technology, sheds new light to your videos. The Q100 uses a 1/4” 5M (1/5.8” 2.07M effective) Pixel BSI CMOS to deliver double the sensitivity of conventional CMOS sensors. By dramatically reducing image noise and distortion, and enhancing recording quality during low light conditions, you can capture crystal-clear videos whether you’re a at birthday party in a dimly lit restaurant or at home recording your child’s first steps.

Left or Right Hand Shooting

When designing the Samsung Q100 HD camcorder, every detail was carefully considered when it came to improved usability. That’s why the Q100 is the first camcorder in its class to feature the innovative Switch Grip function, giving you the flexibility to hold the camcorder in either hand. The built-in G-magnetic sensor quickly recognizes when the camcorder and its LCD display is turned so it knows which hand is holding it. That means you can hold the Q100 with whichever hand is more comfortable or allows you to capture videos from the best vantage point.

Fully intuitive for full enjoyment

With so many built-in advanced features, it’s comforting to know that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how to use them. The Samsung Q100 camcorder was designed to help you shoot Full HD videos quickly and easily through a number of easy-to-use features. To begin with, the Q10 has eliminated many of the confusing buttons that are typically found on standard camcorders. For instance, you can turn on the Q100 simply by flipping open the LCD screen. Then twisting and opening the LCD screen will automatically set the Q100 to Playback mode. And with the intuitive Smart Touch 3.0, operating such an advanced device like the Q100 has never been easier.

Say goodbye to shaky videos

The Samsung Q100 HD camcorder comes fully equipped with a unique OIS (Optical Image Stabiliser) Duo feature, an addition that will quickly become your new best friend. The built-in chip automatically adjusts to compensate for even the slightest hand or body movements, resulting in still and clear videos.

The camcorder that adjusts to your surroundings

When you’re shooting, the last thing you want to worry about is adjusting your camcorder’s settings to compensate for varying light conditions or image details. Whether shooting landscapes or family portraits, the Q100’s intelligent Smart Auto feature automatically selects the best shooting mode to capture video and even stills. Smart Auto has 10 pre-set modes to manage a wide number of different shooting situations such as low lighting, portraits, sunsets, and more. No matter what the conditions are, Smart Auto will help you to take the perfect shot every time.

Easier to use for faster enjoyment

The Samsung Q100 comes with the intuitive Smart Touch 3.0 that puts the full power of the camcorder right at your fingertips. A key feature is the “drag & scroll” functionality, which can be found in many of today’s popular smartphones and other mobile devices. This creates a highly satisfying user experience and allows for an easy way to capture all of your precious memories.

Take full control of your camcorder

Take advantage of all the advanced features on your Samsung Q100 camcorder with its Easy Manual setting. With Easy Manual, you can access the full directory of easy-to-use manual features and settings to turn your vision into a reality. Easy Manual allows you to easily adjust any of the five key menu items (White Balance, Exposure Values, Backlighting, Manual Focus , and C.Nite) through the intuitive interface so they can be calibrated to meet your video shooting needs. Now you’ll never have to make compromises to get the shot you want.

Art Film

With the Q100, you gain access to a variety of creative tools that can completely change the mood of your videos with your own personaltouch. Transform your video into a nostalgic work of art with the B&W color effect or utilize Time Lapse to capture the energy of a city or the serenity of a setting sun.

Record Pause

While shooting a video in Record Pause mode, it allows you to briefly pause the recording and then pick up right where you left off without creating a new file. This way you only have one file to work with and don’t have to merge files for editing, sharing or transferring.

USB Charging

Simply connect the Q100 to a PC’s USB port, turn on the PC, and your camcorder will start recharging. This intelligent feature gives you the freedom to shoot, share, and recharge from almost anywhere.