The stylish contours of the SAMSUNG C14 memory camcorder feel as natural in your hand as they appear to the eye. With its easy file sharing features, you can shoot and share fantastic footage anywhere and everywhere you go.

shoot in complete comfort

The unique 25 degree active angle lens promotes a healthy hand position that eliminates wrist pain and fatigue, enabling you to shoot in complete comfort for extended periods of time.

choose the color that suits you

Wit refreshing Red, Blue, and Gray color variations, the SAMSUNG C14 give you the freedom to choose a camcorder that really suits you.

freedom to use any PC

The SAMSUNG C14’s embedded intelli-Studio software allows you to use any PC to view, edit, and share the memories you make, Simply connect it to any PC via USB and enjoy freedom and flexibility.

easy, one-touch sharing

Sharing your memories couldn’t be easier. Simply connect the camcorder to any PC, select the files you want to share, press the external one touch upload button, and put your world on the web for the rest of the world to see.

USB data transfer and recharge

With embedded software and USB charging, the SAMSUNG C14 offer maximum mobility. USB connection enables data transfer and battery charging to take place from any PC, anywhere in the world.

shoot and share still shots

Experience freedom like never before with the fun photo feature. The SAMSUNG C14 enables you to take high quality still photos as well as the high quality video footage, giving you the power to shoot, share, and celebrate the life you live.

easy file selection

The animated thumbnails make file selection as simple as can be. As soon as you select the thumbnail, the image starts playing, allowing you to see what is in the file without having to enter full playback mode.

easy to edit , easy to enjoy

The Merge and Split features of the SAMSUNG C14’s edit function allows you to combine and divide files on the camcorder, enabling you to edit without transferring files to a PC.

record longer, enjoy forever

Recording H.264 codec enables the SAMSUNG C14 to capture up to 6 hrs. and 20 min. of high quality video footage on a 16GB SD card, allowing you to enjoy stress-free shooting and more space to play with.

feel free to take your time

The SAMSUNG C14’s phenomenal 160 minute battery life is enabled by efficient power use of the 8th generation DSP Chip and H.264 codec recording, giving you the freedom to make memories at your leisure.

play with time

By capturing frames at intervals and then putting them in sequential order, the time-lapse recording function allows you to record the beauty on an entire sunset in minutes or seconds.