The ethereal Red, Blue, Black, or Purple colors infused into the Samsung SMX-C200's glossy finish are designed to match the Stylish Color Accent motif that defines the design leadership of Samsung products, creating an elegant crystalline effect that is inspired by the rich, natural beauty of hand-blown glass.

Express your individuality with style

There's nothing boring about the Samsung SMX-C200. Its unique infusion of color continues Stylish Color Accent design theme, breaking from convention and setting the standard for digital style yet again. The Samsung SMX-C200 is designed to feel as good as it looks. Its ultra compact size, lightweight body, and organic contours fit comfortably in your hand, inspiring confidence that feels natural in every way.

EZ angle lens

The Samsung SMX-C200 is all about the angles. Its lens is slanted to promote a healthy hand position that is comfortable and natural to use, and by adjusting LCD screen 25-degree that paralleled to the lens, LCD screen is set at an angle that gives you a clear, unobstructed view of what you are recording.

Sharing at the touch of a button

Sharing video files on the web has never been easier. Simply select the files in the thumbnail screen, press the upload button. The files are sent directly to, YouTube without any inconvenience
to control PC.

Share your world

One of the features that makes the Samsung SMX-C200 a truly portable camcorder is that it comes with its built-in PC software, intelli-studio. When the SMX-C200 is connected to a PC, intelli-Studio 2.0 automatically runs, allowing you to view, edit, and share files from anywhere.

Longer recording with H.264

Recording in H.264 allows the Samsung SMX-C200 to record over 12 hours of high-quality video footage on a 32GB SD card, giving you the space you need to enjoy stress-free movie making.

Record more with long battery life

Through enhanced energy efficiency coming from 8th generation chip solution, the samsung SMX-C200 can give you more time to play with. Its battery life of over 2 hours 40 minutes& ensures that you always have time to take your time and enjoy making movies.

Record the passing of time

The Time-Lapse recording feature captures frames at preset intervals and then arranges them in sequential order to create a video file that condenses an extended period of time into a fraction of the time.

High-Quality Photos

Intelligent image enhancement enables the Samsung SMX-C200 to capture 1600 x 1200 JPEG images, resulting in 1.9 M Pixel0 digital still shots, giving you the choice to shoot and share the moment in either high-quality video or photo format.

Animated Thumbnail

The Interactive Thumbnail feature allows you to see what is in the file without having to enter full playback mode, making file management and selection more intuitive and enjoyable.

Smart Auto

Smart Auto automatically detects which scene setting is the best one to use, so that video and photos are always captured in their best condition. Portrait, Night Portrait, Night, White, Macro, Landscape, Indoor, and Outdoor scenes are supported.

Battery Charging via USB Port

No adaptor needed. The Samsung SMX-C200 can be charged via USB cable as well as standard DC mains adaptor, all it needs is to be connected to a PC, giving you the freedom to enjoy a more mobile lifestyle.