Imagine something that is behind what you see in front of your eyes. There is a majestic secret of Samsung’s invention of brand new air conditioners. It has more than just a feature of comfortable cooling; it can be part of your interior design and protect your health as well. Make your own exhibition of fresh and pleasant cooling air conditioners.

Extreme temps call for extreme measures.

Engineered especially for oppressively hot climates, Samsung’s Ultra Tropical Rotary Plus TM compressor packs enough power to pummel even the severest temperatures with cool comfort. How severe? With its high torque motor, the UTR Plus TM performs valiantly in extreme environments of up to 60°C/140°F.

Easy To Access Filter

"Easy To Handle You Can Slide The Filter In & Out Without Removing The Front Grille. "

4-Way Air Direction

The Window Type air conditioner provides fresh air in 4 directions. Its size is compact, but it can blow air far to every corner of your room.

Value your health with silver.

Your health is precious. That’s why Samsung air conditioners are the first and only to feature a filter and evaporator coated in a precious metal–silver. Our Silver-Coated Filter eradicates microscopic dust particles, fungi and unpleasant odors. When it comes to your health, Samsung silver technology is the gold standard.

Improved Air Quality by “3M Filtrete”

3M innovation has developed a frameless, self-supporting filter with an array of small flow channels incorporating micro structured technology. 3M Filtrete Performs 16% better dust colleting than other conventional filter, even though pressure drop has been improved.

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