Your room is your haven for living, thinking, and resting. therefore, your room deserves an air conditioner that's perfect for all of your needs. With convenient control and healthy features, you will never want to leave. Lose yourself in a room cooled just the way you like it. With a Samsung Window Type Air Conditioner, it's not hard to imagine.

A Delightful Day with Good’sleep Mode

What if you can have 82% longer deep-sleep hours, what if you can keep optimum skin temperature while sleeping, and what if you can save up to 30% energy everyday? Based on precise studies undertaken for many years, Samsung’s Good’sleep Mode will miraculously change your life, enabling all three what-if’s.

High Efficiency

Perfect choice for high performance

Powerful “UTR” Compressor

Prompt and powerful cooling with UTR compressor

Improved Air Quality by “3M Filtrete”

3M innovation has developed a frameless, self-supporting filter with an array of small flow channels incorporating micro structured technology. 3M Filtrete Performs 16% better dust colleting than other conventional filter, even though pressure drop has been improved.

Easy Installation & Maintanence

Its Compact Size & light weight make easier installation & maintenance than other products ; 4cm smaller in width, 4.54.5cm shorter in Depth, 12kg lighter

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