Samsung's Big Plus Top Freezer refrigerator breaks all the rules of convention. Maximizing storage efficiency, this refrigerator offers space for everything. You can arrange and organise all your groceries, even from whole watermelons to extra large bottles with the optimised storage space. Find room for everything with Samsung's Big Plus.

Bigger Drawer

Can store whole watermelon in optimal humidity so fruit remains fresh and juicy until you're ready to eat it.

Deeper Door Guard

Holds bottles without wasting space so more can be stored.

Twist Icemaker

A simple twist is all you need to pop the ice cubes out.

Silver Nano Deodorizer

The Silver Plus Deodorizer filters out odor particles with silver so unpleasant odors are eliminated.

Easier Tray

Eggs and cans stay in place because trays are slightly slanted for easier take-out.

Full Insulation

With full insulation and a sturdy frame, making storage of heavy foods and containers worry- free.

Chilled Room

You can have your own deli section in your kitchen. The chilled room keeps the temperature at -1°C~0°C. At this temperature, fish, meat, or deli foods stay fresh longer.

No Frost

A no frost model will not build up any ice, so this technology maintains even temperature and freshness of foods.

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