Samsung's big plus top freezer refrigerator breaks all the rules of convention. Maximizing storage efficiency, this refrigerator offers space for
everything. You can arrange and organize all your groceries, even from whole watermelons to extra large bottles with the optimized storage
space. There will be no headache for you to plan how you should take out and put back foods any more.

Bigger Drawer

- Contains whole watermelons
- Humidity adjustable for optimal freshness and nutrients

Deeper Door Guard

- Holds larger drinks and more of them without wasting space
- Makes full use of door spaces

Twist Icemaker

A simple twist, that is all you need to pop the ice cubes out.

Silver Nano Deodorizer

Silver nano particles react with odor particles. Odor particles taken into the filter make contact with silver nano particles.

Easier Tray

- Slightly slanted for Easier take-out
- Eggs and cans stay in place!

Full Instruction

With full insulation and a sturdy frame, store heavy foods and containers without worries

Chilled Room

You can have your own deli section in your kitchen. The chilled room keeps the temperature at -1°C~0°C. At this temperature, you can enjoy fish, meat, or deli food longer and fresher.

No Frost

A no frost model will not build up any ice, so this technology maintains a more even temperature and freshness in foods.

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