Serve your food with natural freshness. The specially designed SAMSUNG refrigerators promote a healthier lifestyle. SAMSUNG now provides an even longer-lasting freshness for your food, allowing you to upgrade your life to a greater and healthier level.

optimal nutrition

Red LED lighting (44lux) utilizes photosynthesis and enhances the nutritional value of vegetables. With the lights at a wavelength of 590 NM, the greens in the Evergreen zone experience an increase in vitamin C, phenol resins and chlorophyll, making them fresher and even more nutritious.

silver nano deodorizer

This hygienic deodorizer removes unpleasant odors perfectly, retaining the original flavor of the food.

cool booster

Releasing cool air into the refrigerator from the side, cold air is provided quickly by a unique 3D cooling system.

perfect protection

The UV Chilled Room keeps the freshness of your fish, meat and deli foods at a constant and no fluctuating temperature (-1°C). The UV lamp also safeguards fresh foods from spoiling while preserving their original flavor.

multi flow

Cooling air flows out through multiple outlets on every shelf level to maintain optimal temperatures to keep food fresh longer.

energy saving

Not only does it provide a lower operating cost, it also preserves the environment with a natural refrigerant.

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