Only Samsung’s superior cooling technology provides the optimal food storage condition that can be fine-tuned to satisfy your appetite. Samsung refrigerator’s excellent performance and outstanding design will make your life more delightful.

Frost-free freshness- the Samsung way.

Kiss routine defrosting chores goodbye! Besides keeping your food fresh, nutritious and looking delicious, no-frost technology means never having to worry about defrosting your refrigerator again, saving you tons of time and even more frustration. Fresher food and frustration-free maintenance are the chief benefits of Samsung’s no-frost refrigerators. But no-frost technology also ensures no icy build-ups, so there’s always more space for food. So just relax and let Samsung refrigerators do the work for you.

Let the sun shine in your fridge

Enjoy all the brilliant healthiness of the sun, right inside your refrigerator. The Samsung Evergreen Zone utilizes a specially installed photosynthesis light that helps vegetables and fruits maximize long-term freshness and nutritional value. Greens experience an increase in Vitamin C, phenolic resins and chlorophyll, making them even healthier which, in turn, helps keep your family healthier.

Effective odor eliminator

Samsung refrigerators feature a deodorizer that removes odor particles with a powerful filter. Unpleasant odors are effectively decomposed and deodorized so that opening the fridge door is never offensive or embarrassing. Every Samsung refrigerator is engineered to allow the fresh, fragrant scents of your favorite foods to define the environment behind the doors.

Fold it to fit it

Samsung’s innovative Foldable Shelf is flexible so you can fit everything you need. Fold it in half or completely up and out of the way to expand the refrigerator’s capacity. So whether you use it as a full-depth shelf, a half-shelf or tuck it up against the wall to accommodate 3-layered cakes, watermelons or water jugs, this shelf always meets your ever-changing storage needs.

Perfect Protection(Chilled Room)

The UV Chilled Room keeps the freshness of your fish, meat and deli foods at a constant and nonfluctuating temperature (-1°C). The UV lamp also safeguards fresh foods from spoiling while preserving their original flavor.


Three cold air outlets, the back and each side, increase cooling efficiency.

Multi Flow

Cooling air flows out through multiple outlets at every shelf level and maintains even and constant temperature.

Tempered Glass Shelves

These shelves offer a clear view of the items stored and also support up to 150 kilograms with a new high-strength material.

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