Finally, no compromises.
Dual SIM convenience in one big and powerful premium smart phone. Now, that's Grand.

5” Large Screen

GALAXY Grand is outfitted with a deluxe large display to meet your needs. Everything from larger font size to immersive viewing, brilliant visuals are guaranteed.
Enjoy exclusive viewing experience while on the go.

Portable Design

Slim design ensures portability of GALAXY Grand
for those who want to have a large screen without
compromising portability.

Jelly Bean OS

Powered by Android™ 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), the latest version of the world’s most popular smartphone operating system. Jelly Bean has fast, fluid and smooth
graphics along with a new Google Search™ experience featuring Google Now™, which brings you just the right information, before you ask.

Multi Window

Multi Window helps easier multitasking. You can enjoy your videos, browse webpages and create memos all at once on a single screen.

Dual SIM

Intuitive Dual SIM separates work and personal accounts for differing usage and pricing plans.

8MP Camera

Enjoy effortless photo-taking with a high response camera with quick start-up and zero shutter lag.

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