Touch Dual SIM Phone

Minimal Design with Full Touch Screen

The ergonomic design of Samsung Champ Neo DUOS includes subtly rounded edges for a form that looks great and feels comfortable in the palm. The full touch screen is intuitive to use and enables users to get full and enhanced use out of features such as apps, social networking and more. The attached stylus pen makes navigation and text input easier and more accurate.

Superb DUOS and hot swap SIM cards

Dual SIM enables Samsung Champ Neo DUOS to have the convenient functionality of two mobiles without the hassles. The flexibility of using two SIM cards with a single mobile allows You to separate work and personal calls and have larger coverage when traveling. The Hot Swap function means that switching the 2nd SIM card (or even the 3rd or 4th one!) is so easy to do; you don’t even need to reboot the mobile!

Smart Communication Tool

Users will never be off the social grid. Native apps for Facebook and Twitter deliver a seamless experience to the mobile, while instant messaging through MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo are all available. Email is kept up-to-date with ActiveSync, and is pushed to your phone as soon as it arrives users don’t have to keep checking their email. ChatON introduces a phone number-based instant messaging system that also enables group chat, personalized messages, and contents sharing.

Connectivity Experience

You will enjoy enhanced connectivity with Samsung Champ Neo DUOS from Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity to USB 2.0 data transfers. Whether using a wireless headset for hands-free calls or connecting to mobile printers or PCs, Samsung Champ Neo DUOS connect your mobile for greater usability. The music player plays your favorite tunes whenever the mood strikes; the 3.5mm ear jack accommodates your favorite headphones. Listen away to as many songs as you like, they’re all easily accessible via microSD.

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