Take control of your mobile devices

Bring your worlds together with the Samsung Smart Station Series 5. Connect or navigate your mobile phone and an additional laptop through the Smart Station and enjoy a seamless work flow experience. With your mobile phone connected to the monitor, you can easily transfer and manage files through the Smart Station. The mouse cursor that is usually confined to your monitor now exists within your mobile interface, allowing you to open folders and apps. You can even write text messages for your phone through your monitor, using your keyboard. And when you connect your laptops via mobile control USBs, you can enjoy easy access to all three screens and transfer files directly between both PCs. It’s simply amazing!

Enhance viewing from mobile to monitor

With Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), experience entertainment with full-size monitor luxury and higher-quality HD viewing. MHL lets you watch videos and other content on the move, then easily connect the mobile device to the monitor with the included cable. You can finish viewing in stunning HD anywhere you want, and charge devices while connected, too. Combine portability with home comfort for an optimized view.

Charge faster with USB Super Charging port

It’s time to revolutionise the way you charge your devices with Samsung’s innovative technology. Found inside the USB port, this technology charges a device approximately twice as fast as a regular PC or monitor USB port. This USB port with the super charging function is a real time saver, perfect for a modern lifestyle, and sure to become an absolute must-have piece of technology.

The USB Hub that sets you free

Streamline your desk with simple and hassle-free connectivity. The built-in USB Hub features 3 USB ports (USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 1) and replaces the need for a docking station. Furthermore, the enhanced connectivity also means that all your devices can be connected and controlled through the monitor. So, everything from your mouse and keyboard to your external speakers, printers and USB devices can simply connect to your Smart Station Series 5. This monitor really sets you PC free!

Be entertained from every angle

Get the best view from any angle with the Samsung Smart Station Series 5. While conventional monitors have a viewing angle of 170 degrees horizontally, the Smart Station Series 5 has an extra wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. The additional 8 degrees is particularly useful when playing content on your monitor. The Samsung Smart Station has improved its vertical viewing angles by 18 degrees, making it the perfect display for showing movies in front of a large audience or when viewing other content such as pictures, games and other content.

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