Anti-reflective screen

The anti-reflective 10.1" LED Screen lets you enjoy images that are fine-tuned with the sharpest details and boldest colors, even when you’re outdoors in sunlight. Its matt surface has less mirror effect, so you can use it for longer without your eyes getting tired. And it’s more resistant to micro scratches from sand or small particles.

Just 1.03kg light

Weighing less than 1.03kg*, the ultra lightweight design provides maximum portability. But it still incorporates comprehensive functionality for optimum performance on the move. So you can carry less, but do more.
* Based on 3 cell battery.

Proven reliability and value

Built to the highest quality standards it incorporates a robust, scratch-resistant Samsung Duracase casing, based on the proven design of a million selling Samsung netbook. It has also undergone extensive drop, shock, temperature and humidity testing to ensure it delivers long-lasting reliability. So you get maximum value from your investment.

The key to easier use

A high quality, responsive full-size keyboard (92% of desktop size) makes typing easier, so get more done and waste less time correcting errors. Its ergonomic design features optimized key spacing for maximum comfort. Each key has also been extensively tested for durability and reliability 10 million times (equal to 6 years of writing).

Higher performance, lower power

A second generation Intel® Atom™ processor, from the No.1 processor manufacturer, delivers significant power savings while increasing performance. Power consumption has been reduced 50x when idle, which is equivalent to an extra 10 days of standby. The platform also brings a "PC-like" experience with faster Internet applications and improved multi-tasking and multimedia.

Simply better performance

Enjoy more features, better performance, and a richer experience with Intel’s innovative MeeGo. This easy to use operating system is optimized to deliver a fast and power-efficient performance. As well as being able to boot-up within seconds, it enables enhanced multimedia playback, multitasking, wireless connectivity, social networking and communication.

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