Whether it’s at work, sitting in your favorite cafe or just relaxing at home,
the NF210 netbook is perfectly equipped and  
designed to keep you connected, entertained and looking stylish.    
The new longer lasting battery delivers nearly 11 hours** of usage,      
perfect for a busy lifestyle, and when combined with the custom,        
high-performance Atom N550 Dual Core Processor,          
you’ll enjoy a more mobile web-surfing experience that’s faster,            
and more capable than ever before.              
Add-in a 10.1” LED anti-reflective display,                
a new stylish island keyboard and its unique,                  
streamline shape with its sleek ivory finish and                    
you have a netbook that delivers the on-the-go performance                      
and mobility that you need—and doing so with                        
the perfect amount of style and character.                          

** Battery life based on Battery Mark test that will vary based on configuration.                              

                         The NF210 is perfect for the trend-setter
                       in all of us. Seamless, smooth, streamline
                     design and shape offer optimal balance
                   between technological ergonomics and
                 modern day fashion trends. The durable and
               trusted design, with sleek ivory color and
             In Mold Rolling (IMR) for the outer casing adds
           a touch of sophistication and elegance to
         your look. Inside, you’ll find an improved accuracy,
       error-less island keyboard, for sophistication
     outside and inside. With so many advancements
   in look, feel, and design, this netbook is sure
to grab a lot of attention.

The NF210 netbook from Samsung delivers perfect mobility and freedom with
its power efficient performance and extensive battery life of up to 11
hours**(66wh) —plenty of time to get things accomplished or to be enter-
tained without the added stress of worrying about how much battery life is left.

** Battery life based on Battery Mark test that will vary based on configuration.

With a sharper and brighter 10.1” LED display (16:9 aspect ratio), you are able to enjoy
brilliant high-definition visuals while surfing the web, watching HD movies in or playing
your favorite games on your NF210 netbook. Its anti-reflective display reduces
any annoying reflections, allowing you to view the screen as normal—even
in direct sunlight. And when you consider that the NF’s LED display
reduces power consumption, you’ll save more energy, money.

Don’t waste time waiting to boot up – when In an advanced sleep mode, important data and system configurations are saved to your netbook’s hard drive and into PC memory for quick access as well as added data protection in case of sudden power outages; innovative Fast Start brings your computer out of advanced sleep mode and into full-working mode in just 3 seconds of opening the display or pressing the power button.

Easy Content Share software, based on AllShare™ technology, allows you to wirelessly play videos, photos, and music across a full range of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certified Samsung devices, including cameras and handsets. The technology makes it easy and effortless for you to stream HD content from your netbook on your TV or seamlessly share videos and photos with to and from your phone, without the hassle of connecting cables.

With SRS Premium Sound™, you have a wider ‘sweet spot’ that delivers natural and realistic 3D sound for music, movies and games. The NF210 provides enhanced bass, crystal clear dialog and better definition control for maximum clarity at high frequency.

Stream media, share memories

Enjoy stress-free file sharing between close-range computers by simply swapping over to the Wi-Fi Ad-hoc mode on your netbook. You can make uploads, conversions, storage and delivery of large rich media files a direct and simple process, without the need of a central access point. The NF210’s Easy File Transfer solutions save you time and make sharing files, movies, music and pictures an absolute pleasure—not a chore.

Powerful System Memory

With DDR3 667MHz memory, the NF210 netbook significantly reduces power consumption and can transfer data at a significantly higher rate than DDR2 for greater picture quality and smoother video playback.

Bluetooth v.3.0 High Speed

Enjoy wireless transfer of media and other data between your electronic devices—audio, video, print data and more, with an upgraded Bluetooth 3.0 High Speed delivering higher data transmission speeds (24Mbps), 8x faster than Bluetooth 2.1 (3Mbps) and enhanced power control for extended battery life.

Samsung Recovery Solution

In situations requiring important system information to be restored, the Samsung Recovery Solution automatically creates system restore points on your HDD, and allows your computer to reinstall important system information to these restore points, while improving the overall stability of your netbook.

International Warranty Service

Samsung’s award-winning warranty service***
provides a fast track collection repair and return service in order to minimize disruption and get you going again as quickly as possible.
*** Warranty service availability and response times may vary from country to country and may also be subject to registration requirements in the country of purchase.

All information herein (features, specifications, price, etc.) are subject to change without prior notice.