• Samsung
    Fast Solutions
    Say goodbye to wasted time with blazingly fast performance - wakes in 1.4 seconds and boots-up in 9.1 seconds.
  • Intelligent
    A light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the keys and screen for maximum ease of use.
  • MaxScreen
    A MaxScreen provides a much larger 15.0” screen, without increasing the notebook’s size.
  • Clear Display
    Every photo, video, website and document looks stunning with a brilliant HD+ SuperBright screen.
  • Superior Touch
    A large multi-touch clickpad provides better control and fewer accidental palm movements.

Thinnest and Lightest 15" Notebook*

The Samsung Series 9 is so easy to carry - and so unique - you won't want to be without it. It’s uniformly flat, only 0.6 inch (14.9mm) deep and weighs just 3.48lbs (1.58kg) thanks to Samsung's engineering craftsmanship. Its super-slim components, like the LCD panel, fan and memory, are tailor-made just for the Series 9.

* Compared to 15" laptops of major
manufacturers, as of March 2012.

Never Before Seen Design

Complement your own sense of style with an exclusive premium look unlike any other and the refined aerodynamic design of the Samsung Series 9. Its sleek, full metal body is resistant to fingerprints and marks. And it’s accentuated by a sophisticated Mystic Silver color and beautifully crafted features.

  • Visually Richer, Instantly Faster

    Add more excitement into your life with the Samsung Series 9, featuring the new 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor.* Enjoy speedy and dramatic performance gains, including 10 ~ 15% more efficient CPU processing, plus 2x faster media processing and 3D rendering. So everything you love to do, like watching HD movies, editing contents or creating powerful presentation, is quicker, crisper and more life-like.

    * Factory option.

  • Samsung Fast Solutions

    Fastest Booting
    Say goodbye to wasted time and stress with a blazingly fast performance. With Samsung Fast Solutions, the Series 9 boasts the world's fastest boot-up time in just 9.1 seconds*. So you’ll never left waiting around when you need to get things done.
    Fast Start
    You can work and play even more efficiently with an “instant on”. Fast Start wakes your notebook from sleep in 1.4 seconds*. This innovative hybrid sleep mode combines the fast start-up of sleep with the stability of hibernation.
    Fast Data Access
    Get the information you need – when you need it! A Solid State Drive (SSD) provides signficantly faster start up and data access times compared to a HDD. And with no moving parts it's less prone to errors and damage.

    * Speed will vary depending on the CPU and SSD
    configurations, applications used and wireless settings.
  • Compact Chassis, MaxScreen

    Get an extra inch of screen without increasing the notebook's size thanks to MaxScreen, minimizing the bezel and maximizing the screen. Its 15.0” screen fits comfortably into a standard 14” notebook chassis. So you can see more of what you're doing and enjoy greater portability - ensuring it's still easy to take with you anywhere.

Clearer, Brighter and Wider Screen

  • HD+ Display

    You no longer have to struggle to see everything on the screen. A HD+ high resolution display gives you much more viewing area and images and text are incredibly sharp. So you can multi-task and get things done with ease and enjoy every little detail of your favourite pictures and films.

  • SuperBright Screen

    Every photo, video, website and document looks stunning with the SuperBright Plus (400 nit) screen. Your eyes will feel less tired with a screen that's 2x brighter* and also anti-reflective, so you can see everything clearly even outdoors in the sunshine.

    * Compared to a 200 nit screen.

  • Auto-Sensing Screen & Keyboard

    With the Samsung Series 9 it's easy to get things done – night and day. Its screen and backlit keyboard automatically adjust to the light conditions using an auto-sensor. So they always provide the optimum brightness for maximum comfort and ease of use, even in particularly dark or bright environments.

  • Superior Multi-Touch Clickpad

    You can enjoy better control and fewer accidental palm movements using a large multi-touch clickpad. With a glass coating and image sensor it provides a stylish and convenient way to use your notebook. It supports various gestures (such as pinch, swipe, and rotate) with advanced 3D image sensing for sophisticated and intuitive navigation.

  • Easy One-Click Control

    Setting-up your notebook has never been easier. Bypass the Control Panel and simply take control of your notebook and optimize performance with Samsung’s Easy Settings. It provides one-click execution using keyboard shortcuts and minimal steps to adjust simple functions. It also unifies Samsung’s utility software, so your notebook will start-up and run faster.

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