24X DVD+R Writing, 24X DVD-R Writing

Blazing speed makes this DVD writer a trailblazer.

Always at the forefront of speed technology, Samsung produces some of the world’s fastest DVD writers. Enhanced and enabled by Samsung WriteMaster™ technology, this lightning quick writer intuitively detects the media type and automatically writes in the optimal speed for the disc. So all you have to do is just click to burn your disc. But don’t walk away - it’ll be done before you have a chance to make a cup of coffee.

Low heat. Low noise. Low power consumption.

How low can it go? Samsung’s ultra-reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to-install DVD Writer not only reduces heat and CO₂emissions, its unique aerodynamic frame was also engineered to reduce acoustic and airborne noise by preventing pressure concentration in specific areas. As eco-friendly as it is user-friendly, this dynamic DVD Writer delivers high performance on low power consumption, helping you do your part to maintain an energy-efficient home and promote a green lifestyle.

Windows 7 compatibility

The Samsung Slim External DVD Writer was engineered for ultra-compatibility, including Windows 7.

Engineered for extreme reliability.

Whether it’s kicking into high rotation speed or performing low speed operations such as direct disc labeling, Samsung’s DVD writer prevents noise and vibration while ensuring reliable disc writing. It even checks the quality of each inserted disc and intuitively alters the laser power on the inner and outer sides accordingly. And for the most reliable writing condition, this trusty DVD writer tilts the objective lens when the disc isn’t laying flat.


SpeedPlus™ power speed technology delivers real fast recording speed. And with its low noise and vibration control system for high speed writing, the job is always quiet and smooth.

Direct Disc Labeling: LightScribe

Minor, low-cost modifications to your Samsung LightScribe-enabled Optical Disc Drive let you easily burn the label on all LightScribe-compatible media. Just burn, flip and burn!

Firmware Live Update

The Samsung Slim External DVD Writer keeps you at the cutting edge by continually supporting new media and automatically upgrading to the latest firmware versions through your Internet connection.

Buffer Underrun Free

Buffer Under Run Errors result from writing speed exceeding that of the data transfer speed - a common frustrating occurrence during high speed writing. But Bufffer Under Run technology prevents theses obstacles from occurring while enabling PC multitasking.

Speed Adjustment Technology

Samsung’s intelligent WriteMaster™ technology intuitively detects the media type and automatically writes in the optimal speed for the disc. So all you have to do is just click to burn your disc.


Manufactured with lead-free soldering technology and excluding harmful materials harmful to the human body or the environment such as, Pb, Cd, Cr+6, Hg, PBBs and PBDE, the Slim External DVD Writer is one of Samsung’s many eco-products designed to help you lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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