The innovative technologies incorporated into L220 enable them to project brighter, clearer images that appear more natural. With complete multimedia connectivity they open your eyes to a brighter digital reality.

Experience the incredible intensity of 3LCD

3LCD technology reaches a new level of realism by using mirrors to split a white light source into primary colors—red, blue and yellow. Each color is then reflected onto its own LCD chip, which creates an image that combines into a vibrant full color image once it passes through a prism. The spectacular color image shoots through a lens and is projected onto the screen. What your eyes finally see is so unbelievably intense, it sets a new precedent in what you can expect from a projector.

Clear, focused images

You can select between wide screen (16:9) and normal screen (4:3) sizes to help you present perfectly focused images that fully fit your needs.

H/V Keystone capability

Keystones occur when a projector is not placed exactly in the center of a projection screen, causing image stretching and distortion. When the projector is placed either above or below center, Vertical Keystones occur. Horizontal Keystones occur when the projector is at an angle either to the left or right of center. The Samsung Projectors offer effective Keystone Correction, compensating for imprecise projector placement and delivering perfectly presented projections that appear accurate and exact. Vertical Keystone Correction is in-built on all models; Horizontal Keystone Correction is included on the L330.

Powerful stereo sound

The Samsung projectors are the ultimate professional data projectors. With powerful built-in stereo speakers (3W x 2 ), they exude an air of complete professionalism that adds depth and resonance to presentations.

Low noise

Noise level is almost inaudible in normal living environments. User satisfaction is maximized with low noise design that meets highest standard.

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