The versatility of the P410M makes them a valuable viewing tool. Lightweight, compact and easy to operate, they allow you to view anywhere you choose. With a fast start-up time, long lamp life, high brightness, built-in speakers and enhanced multimedia connectivity, they offer freedom and flexibility that you take with you.

Why LED lighting?

EXTENDED LIFESPAN - Unlike projectors that use halogen bulbs, our LED projectors can run for an amazing 30,000 hours. That’s ten times the length of halogen projectors. Our projectors also come with free maintenance and since there’s no lamp, there’s nothing to replace. Plus, LED projectors use 90% less energy than conventional ones, making them extremely energy efficient.
BUILT FOR A BETTER FUTURE LED - projectors are less harmful to the environment compared to conventional projectors. To begin with, the bulbs are 100% halogen-free so they run at much lower temperatures and produce less heat radiation. The bulbs are also more resilient and last much longer than HID or incandescent bulbs. LED projectors are also mercury-free so they are less harmful to the environment.

Direct multimedia access via USB

The Samsung projector delivers instant access to entertainment through its innovative USB interface. With its built-in multimedia player, you can enjoy a wide variety of video, music, and picture files with no need for an additional PC. Simply plug in, play, and bathe in the beauty of a truly cinematic experience.

Big on style, small in size

Samsung’s portable, pocket-sized projectors have a certain glow. And we’re not just talking about their powerful projections and bright, brilliant images, but their cool, compact form and glossy black finish. Even off, this projector makes a professional impression with its elegant contours and minimalist yet luxuriant looks. Turned on it makes an even bigger impression.

Made for multimedia

The Samsung projectors are designed to make multimedia more enjoyable. With their built-in stereo speakers (1W x 2), tilt function they allow you to create an environment of complete comfort in which multimedia becomes magical.

Low noise

Noise level is almost inaudible in normal living environments.
User satisfaction is maximized with low noise design that meets highest standard.

One lamp for life

With over 30,000 hours of LED lamp life, the SP-P410M and SP-P400 eliminate the expense of lamp replacement and give you a projector that you can rely on for years to come. The LED lamp enables enhanced portability and versatility by its small size and produces brighter, clearer, more natural images.

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