For the most interactive, immersive and sublime home entertainment experience,
there is nothing that compares to the ultra-slim BD-D7500B Blu-ray player. Its stylish design,
Smart Hub and explosive 3D Experience deliver the ultimate set-up. Simply connect this Blu-ray
player to your TV and realise a more intelligent experience where internet, must-see TV and easy
multimedia access exist together. Smart Hub will change the way you watch TV. The BD-D7500B’s stunning
wall-mountable design, with its slim profile and striking new light feature, will truly set your world of entertainment alight, and gives it the frame it deserves.

Super slim and ready wherever you want it

Complement your LED TV with the perfect form of Samsung’s BD-D7500B Blu-ray player. Slimmer than any other Blu-ray player, and Samsung’s flagship design for 2011, it boasts a finely polished main body and speaker that are perfectly at home in even the most stylish interior. Because appearances are important, the BD-D7500B can be fixed wherever and however you like – featuring a wall-mountable, slimmest and stylish design (23mm depth). And with an illuminating top surface, a pure white light completes the sublime effect.

Access more, easy-search content, and get recommendations

An integrated Smart Hub brings a world of online content to your home entertainment system. Video and music on demand are all in easy reach. Forget trawling through websites to find entertainment – Search All and Your Video use your viewing habits to zoom you to the content you’re seeking and to recommend new delights. Built-in Wi-Fi and Samsung AllShare enable you to create a wireless home network and Samsung Apps await to boost your experience further.

  • Enjoy the ease of searching for information or content browsing through the convenient Search All feature in your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player. With a couple clicks on your remote, you can quickly search for content related to the program you’re watching or even access information and other features like VOD, Apps, and more.

  • Gain access to your own, personalized movie guide with Samsung’s Your Video feature. Your Video allows you to watch and preview movie clips and TV programs from your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player through a customized recommendation service for VOD.

  • Unleash the true potential of your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player with Samsung’s vast, and growing, library of Web-connected TV Apps. They provide you with a quick and easy way to access your favorite content—-without ever turning on a PC. So you can download content that lets you access your favorite world of content (movies, music, social networking service, and etc.)

  • Share the content playing on your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player with the built-in Easy to use feature. Using the Wi-Fi feature, movies, TV programs, or whatever you’re watching on your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player, can be seamlessly shared between DLNA certified devices, allowing you to enjoy an expansive range of multimedia content.

3D pictures immerse you in the action

Movies, sports, games, music – whatever thrilling entertainment you are into, Samsung 3D brings it to life and shows an amazing dimension that will surely capture your imagination. Only Samsung offers you the full 3D experience. Advanced 3D picture quality with Standard 3D produces crystal-clear, jaw-dropping images that leap off the screen. It’s an immersive experience normally reserved for the cinemas, which is now ready to transform your home entertainment.

  • Imagine being able to watch your favorite 2D movies, TV shows or even games in 3D. Now you can with Samsung’s innovative 3D Converter technology. Built into your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player, the 3D Converter will enhance your immersive, 3D viewing experience—no matter what you’re watching.

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