For entertainment so thrilling you’ll want to sing about it,
choose this high-performance Karaoke DVD player. Plug a microphone into the dedicated jack and you’re ready to take your bow; use the auto-scoring feature to judge your rivals’ efforts. So you can more easily record and share your performances, USB connectivity lets you transfer files directly to connected digital devices. For super-life-like pictures and sounds, the machine also boasts an advanced High-Definition Multi-Media interface. This transfers the highest resolution data to your TV in uncompressed streams at super-fast speeds. To optimise your viewing and interactive pleasure at all times, BD Wise technology keeps your player and Samsung TV in constant communication.

Performing and scoring Karaoke for complete entertainment

Simply connect the D530K to your home entertainment system to host the coolest, most interactive Karaoke party in town. Dedicated features make it easy for you to sing along to your favourite tunes and to vie with your friends for the Karaoke crown. Plug a microphone into the convenient jack and you’re ready to strut your stuff; apply echo to your voice to recreate the sonics of a live performance; use the auto-scoring feature to deliver unbiased judgments on your rivals’ efforts. And with USB recordings, you can even listen back to your singing session and decide who truly has the recording voice.

Enjoy life-like pictures
and sound every time

If you want to see amazing picture quality streamed onto your TV, then the HDMI, which combines brilliantly with a digital Samsung TV, will give you exactly what your eyes want. The D530K stands out for its ability to stream at super-fast speeds and will deliver breathtaking results. Meanwhile, up-scaling allows for Standard Definition to be viewed in High Definition, and advanced BD Wise sets up seamless, automatic communication between the player and your Samsung TV for optimal settings. This maximises your viewing pleasure at all times, and without you having to manually fine-tune your TV.

Whatever your content format, transferring and playing is easy

Easy connectivity makes the D530K the essential hub of your home entertainment system. With USB connectivity lets you upload performances you’ve recorded directly to your digital device and share – without needing to transfer them to a PC first. To the D530K, you can connect devices that use any of a vast variety of file formats – so you can enjoy all this content from the comfort of your own couch.

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