Add a touch of unique style to your entertainment area. The DVD-H1080R has sleek curves and sophisticated Touch of Color™ rich, red accents. This lightweight, compact dvd player also up converts your dvds to 720p, 1080i or 1080p. That translates to crystal-clear high definition movies. It also plays the most popular multimedia formats like DivX, MP3, WMA, JPEG and MPEG-4 clips. Think out of the box and add the statement-making SAMSUNG DVD-H1080 to your entertainment ensemble.

Touch of Color™ Design

Imagine beautifully polished obsidian, with a hint of red naturally infused into the casing. SAMSUNG’S Touch of Color™ DVD players are eye catching and ear pleasing, and perfectly match SAMSUNG’S Touch of Color™ HDTVs.

HDMI™ with Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)

Anynet+ delivers streamlined, one-touch control over all your Anynet compatible connected devices such as the TV, AV receiver, and home theater. You can operate all of them with a single remote control that enables commands to be passed among devices within the system. A true "plug and play" product, it comes with a Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) feature which lets you operate SAMSUNG HDMI products with a single remote control.

progressive scan

The slightest blurs and distortions are now a thing of the past thanks to progressive scan. You'll enjoy maximum image clarity and more realism. Progressive scan pushes the limits of standard resolution and provides a more film-like image that takes watching DVDs to another level.

1080 P DVD Up-scaling

1080 P up-conversion takes full advantage of your HDTV by interpolating the resolution of your regular DVDs to full high definition. You can send that signal from the DVD player to your HDTV with just one connection: HDMI. It carries the full HD signal and delivers surround sound audio information too, all in one convenient connection. Easy to set-up and easily the best pictures and sound you can get.

USB Host Play with CD Ripping

USB Host Play function enables various multimedia files to be played without the need for a PC, including DivX® Mp3 and JPEG. The CD Ripping feature extracts music from CD’s and copies them to a supported USB device in MP3 format.

DivX® Video Playback

With DivX® playback, you can insert DVDs and CDs that have DivX® movies downloaded from your computer and watch them on your TV.

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