Compact size of 36cm width and a High-Gloss Piano Finishing (Front), the DVD-P191 is a true value-for-money DVD Player. Best Playability Solution applied and 1Mic Jack for Karaoke use.

DivX (MPEG-4) Playback

Samsung's DVD Players deliver high-quality DivX images. Insert DVDs & CDs that have DivX image downloaded via computer and enjoy watching them on the large-scale TV!

Advanced 14-bit video DAC

Samsung's DVD Players feature state-of-art 14-bit video DAV (digital-to-analog converter) and video processing running at 108MHz. The 14-bit DAC produces up to 16,384 color values, as opposed to 1,024 with 10-bit processing, providing extended dynamic contrast and detail with natural and smooth graduation between highlights and shadows. With the high-speed 108MHz video processing, it boosts image resolution as close to the original DVD source as possible, allowing you to enjoy more life-like pictures.

Multi progressive scan output (PAL / NTSC)

Progressive Scan Output scans individual picture lines in sequence rather than alternately, maximizing the clarity of digital images and brings new realism to your DVD viewing experience.

Karaoke function

1 Mic Jack for your Karaoke Enjoyment.

Best playability solution applied

No play we Pay! Samsung's DVD Player can play any DVD with advanced readability technology. Known as the Rolling Actuator Technology, the lens angle is able to read just about any disc.

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