With a design that is simply refined, the SAMSUNG LCD TV SERIES 4 delivers delight to your eyes. Its slim style refreshes your living space and uplifts your emotions, creating entertainment that is more enjoyable. Its pristine picture quality offers an outstanding HDTV experience that redefines how you connect to the digital world.

Digital Natural Image engine+

Indulge your eyes with the clearest, most natural images imaginable. DNIe + produces an incredible depth of detail that captures your eyes and unlocks your senses. Its advanced Color and Motion Optimizers and Contrast and Detail Enhancers combine to provide you with inspirational images and precise pictures.

10,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio - deeper dark colors, brighter light colors

The phenomenal Dynamic Contrast Ratio (up to 10,000:1) provides powerful images that are vivid and lifelike. With Digital Dynamic Contrast, the duty ratio is reduced, allowing the black level to be minimized, and deeper black colors to be made. By the internal dimming of the backlight, colors are born with greater intensity; dark colors become darker, and light colors become brighter. (Applicable to over 32" models)

Entertainment Mode - unsurpassed entertainment

To provide you with the best entertainment possible, picture and sound mode have been preset for sports, movie, and game. In this way, you can be sure that the picture quality you are experiencing is optimized for your specific needs. Fast motion imaging, dynamic detail enhancement, and down-firing speakers combine to deliver the most dramatic entertainment experience you have ever been a part of. (Applicable to over 26" models)

Anynet+ - easy network set up

Anynet+ allows you to control all of your connected Audio and Video devices, whether they are SAMSUNG or not, with a single remote control device. This facilitates the establishment of a one touch operated home entertainment network. (Applicable to over 26" models)

Clear Panel - high visibility, low reflection

The increased readability and reduced reflection of the Clear Panel allow you to view clean and clear images at all times. By reducing glare and enhancing contrast, the Clear Panel allows you to enjoy images that are displayed with comfort and clarity, ensuring that what you see is as clear as can be, and your entertainment is as pure as possible. (Applicable to over 32" models)

Wide Color Enhancer 2 - provides natural, realistic colors

Wide Color Enhancer 2 expands the color gamut into a third axis and creates a 3D diagram of luminance. This, in turn, creates a dynamic display of on-screen color and reinforces traditionally weak colors such as green and blue, so that they appear vivid and deep. Red colors are also enhanced to provide strong colors across the spectrum and the perfect balance of RGB.

3 HDMI - one cable for audio and video

The SAMSUNG LCD TV SERIES 4's 3HDMI (High DefinitionMultimedia Interface) inputs enable you to connect quickly and conveniently to a broader range of external devices. HDMI allows uncompressed streams of digital data to be transmitted via one cable, delivering a purer picture quality to be displayed for your appreciation and enjoyment. Appreciate the best that digital entertainment has to offer with SAMSUNG. (Applicable to over 26" models)

Swivel Stand - perfect positional possibilities

The innovative swivel stand offers unparalleled positional flexibility for viewing. It allows you to mold the screen to suit your needs without lifting or repositioning the set. Full mobility is delivered with minimum fuss by simply swiveling the stand so that you can view the screen the way that suits you. Enjoy the convenience of the clearest, most visible TV screen at all times. (Applicable to over 32" models)

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