Streamline the way you control your Samsung TV and other compatible AV devices with Samsung’s Touch Remote Control. With its intuitive full color touch screen, the Samsung touch remote provides you with convenient access to different menus and even a full QWERTY keyboard. You can also use this universal remote to view content from a BD / DVD player on its 3-inch display while another program is running on your TV. The 3-inch screen can even display thumbnail images to make searching for and viewing content easier and has its own speaker to give you full sound. Compatible with PDP C7000, LED C7000 & C8000. Included in box with C9000.

Control it all - with one remote.

Samsung’s ultra-efficient Touch Remote lets you control the TV, the set-top box and any AV devices in your living room. This all-in-one command center also lets you start your movie with just one click. Its Device Macro Control will turn your Blu-ray player and your TV on, then automatically play your favorite movie-all from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Easy input for quick searches and instant updates.

Engineered for ease, the Touch Remote teams up with Samsung’s Internet@TV technology to help you find your files fast and keep your friends in the loop. With its on-screen display QWERTY keyboard, inputting text for content searches and social networking updates is almost effortless. Whether you’re looking for a favorite song or tweeting a favorite movie quote, Samsung makes sure you’ve got the touch.

Take control of your PC content, wirelessly.

Not only does Samsung’s Touch Remote allow you to wirelessly search your PC’s contents and play them on your television, it lets you search its multimedia files by thumbnail image-each thumbnail appearing in a convenient 3" LCD screen. Your favorite videos, photos and music are easier to find than ever. Just click on your file of choice and your TV will automatically play it.

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