Expand your interior design possibilities with Samsung’s innovative wall mounting system. Because of the TV’s slim and lightweight design, Samsung was able to develop a wall mounting system that’s as simple as hanging a picture frame. The low-profile mount is simple to install with minimal surface damage to the wall. The mount’s small size requires less materials which also means it takes less energy to produce it. The size of the packaging has been reduced as well. So take advantage of this unique feature and showcase your TV like it’s a work of art.

• Quick and easy installation

• Minimal surface damage

• Low profile (less than 2cm from the wall)

• Requires less materials so is more eco-friendly

Makes installing – easier than ever

Samsung Ultra Slim Wall Mounts are not only easy to install, it takes less than 20 minutes. With Samsung’s innovative wall mounting system, mounting TV is not hard work anymore.

Get close with the ultra slim wall mount

Mounting your ultra-slim Samsung TV is as easy as hanging a picture. An ultra-vivid, high definition picture, that is. In less than twenty minutes, the job is done. With minimum impact to your walls — just two small holes for a 40” or larger TV, and just one for the 26” and 37” sets — which is vital if you’re a tenant. And because the mount is designed to hang your TV within 2cm of the wall, it blends in with your decor and makes the most of its slimness.

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