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  • DA-E550/XP|DA-F61/XP|DA-E750/XP|DA-E650/XP|DA-E570/XP
  • HW-F450/XP|HW-H7501/XP|HW-H600/XP|HW-H450/XP|HW-H20/XP
  • HT-F4500/XP|HT-H7750WM/XP|HT-H5530HK/XP|HT-H4550K/XP|HT-H4500K/XP|HT-F9750W/XP|HT-F6550W/XP|HT-F4550/XP|HT-F453HRK/XP|HT-F453HK/XP
  • MX-H730/XP|MX-HS8000/XP|MX-HS7000/XP
  • BD-F5100/XP|DVD-D530K/XP|BD-H6500/XP|BD-F7500/XP|BD-F5500/XP


  • BD-F7500/XP|HT-H7750WM/XP|HT-H5530HK/XP|HT-F9750W/XP|HT-F6550W/XP|DA-E750/XP|BD-H6500/XP
  • DA-E550/XP|MX-HS8000/XP|MX-HS7000/XP|MX-H730/XP|HW-H7501/XP|HW-H600/XP|HW-H450/XP|HW-F450/XP|HT-H7750WM/XP|HT-H5530HK/XP|HT-H4550K/XP|HT-H4500K/XP|HT-F9750W/XP|HT-F6550W/XP|DA-F61/XP|DA-E750/XP|DA-E650/XP|DA-E570/XP
  • DA-E750/XP|HW-H7501/XP|HT-H7750WM/XP|HT-F9750W/XP|HT-F6550W/XP
  • DA-F61/XP|MX-HS8000/XP|MX-HS7000/XP|HW-H7501/XP|HW-H600/XP|HW-H450/XP|HW-F450/XP|HT-H7750WM/XP|HT-H5530HK/XP|HT-H4550K/XP|HT-H4500K/XP|HT-F9750W/XP|HT-F6550W/XP|HT-F453HRK/XP|HT-F453HK/XP


  • MX-H730/XP|MX-HS8000/XP|MX-HS7000/XP

Output Power

  • MX-HS7000/XP

Wireless Audio (5)

Wireless Audio-Dock E750

  • Bluetooth built-in subwoofer
  • Premium speaker design vacuum tube built-in
  • Dual docking

Wireless Audio-Dock E570

  • 10 watts 2CH

Soundbar (7)

Soundbar HW-J450

  • Connect and share wirelessly for double the fun
  • Convenient app for easy control

Curved Soundbar HW-J8501

  • Curved Design Perfectly Matching with Samsung Curved TV
  • Immersive Surround Sound Experience
  • Simple Wireless Connection

Curved Soundbar H7501

  • Curved Soundbar Premium design: Aluminum metal Color: Black / Silver Wall-mount available Matching with Samsung Curved UHD TV (55" / 65") 8.1 Ch, 320 watts, Wireless Active Subwoofer (6.5") TV Sound Connect (w/TV One Remote) Surround Sound Expansion Bluetooth Power On (BT 2.0, Wireless HD Codec) Sound Mode (Music, Cinema, Sports, Voice) Audio Format MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WAV Dolby Digital DTS 2 Ch HDMI (1/1), Optical (1), Audio-in (1), USB

Soundbar H600

  • 80W (RMS) , 4.2CH Bluetooth Hifi Codec
  • NFC Surround Sound Expansion
  • Crystal Amplifier Plus Subwoofer (Built-in)

Soundbar H450

  • Powerful sound beyond the TV experience 290W (RMS), 2.1ch DTS / Dolby Digital
  • 3D Sound Plus Smart Volume
  • TV Sound Connect Bluetooth

Soundbar H20

  • 2.1 CH, 60 W (SPK 15 W X 2, S/W 30 W) 2 Speaker + Subwoofer (Wired)
  • USB Port (Auto Playback)
  • 2 Audio Input

Home Entertainment System (11)

Blu-ray Home Entertainment System H7750

  • 1,330W (RMS), 7.1ch, 4 Tall Boy speakers Full HD 3D Blu Ray Vacuum Tube built-in, Crystal Amp. Plus
  • Dual Core Processor Network Service
  • Web Browser UHD Up-Scale, Video Upscale (DVD)

Blu-ray Home Entertainment System H5530

  • 1,000 watts, 5.1ch , 2 Half Tall Boy Speakers Full HD, 3D Blu Ray
  • DTS HD Power Bass, 8 Sound Modes
  • Crystal Amplifier Plus Video Upscaling (DVD)

Blu-ray Home Entertainment System H4550

  • The Home Entertainment System that delivers crystal clear sound with less distortion even at maximum volume
  • The Home Entertainment System that delivers crystal clear sound with less distortion even at maximum volume
  • 500W, 5.1ch, 4 Tall Boy speakers

Blu-ray Home Entertainment System H4500

  • The Home Entertainment System that delivers crystal clear sound with less distortion even at maximum volume
  • The Home Entertainment System that delivers crystal clear sound with less distortion even at maximum volume
  • 500W, 5.1ch, 4 satellite speakers

Blu-ray Home Entertainment System F9750

  • With a vacuum tube pre-amplifier, a Gallium Nitride (GaN) AMP, and Ceramic Polypropylene Injection Diaphragm (CPID) Speaker technology, Samsung brings you the next level audio experience with the best harmonic and natural sounds
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Digital Component (4)

2.2Ch Mini Audio System HS8000

  • 2,450 watts (RMS) 2.2ch GIGA Sound
  • Beat Waving DJ Beat, Bluetooth TV Sound Connect
  • My Karaoke & Mic Mixing Soccer Mode

2300 W 2.2Ch Mini Audio System HS7000

  • 2,300W (RMS) 25,300 (PMPO), 2.2CH GIGA Sound
  • 3D Beat Lighting Beat Waving DJ Beat
  • Bluetooth TV Sound Connect

Blu-ray & DVD Player (5)

Blu-ray Player F7500

  • The new Samsung Smart Blu-ray player enables you to upgrade any TV so that it can connect to the Internet, totally transforming your home entertainment possibilities

Blu-ray Player F5100

  • Embedded Content providers and All-Round Play
  • Embedded Content providers and All-Round Play
  • Supports main CPs and BD, DVD, MKV, HD JPEG, XviD formats