Gear 360

Complete 360degree field of view 3840x1920 high resolution video and 25.9MP Photos Dust and splash resistant

what a phone can do

Capture some of the best times of your life with Gear 360 and relive the moments through your Gear VR and Galaxy smartphone.

*Click for more on Galaxy S7 | S7 edge and Gear VR.

Front view of Gear 360
Galaxy S7 and S7 edge
Gear VR

Real 360º

From the little moments in your day to the horizons you pursue, capture life as it happens with Gear 360.

*Image taken with Gear 360.

Image of large space
Image of large space
Image of large space
Image of large space

The world through dual lens

The front and rear lenses each capture 180 degrees horizontally and vertically, creating a seamless and complete 360-degree field of view.

Side view of Gear 360 with a clear view of the rear lens as it faces the left.
Side view of Gear 360 with a clear view of the front lens as it faces the left.
Front view of Gear 360

Single lens mode

Sometimes a concentrated view of the world is enough to tell the full story. Use just one of the two lenses to capture a striking wide-angled view either in video or stills.

Top view of Gear 360
360 degree image of a party
360 degree image of a ballet session
360 degree image of a bridge in Switzerland

A clear view

Equipped with bright f2.0 lens, Gear 360 gives you a captivating perspective on the world.

*Simulated image

City seen through normal fish eye lens
City seen through bright F2.0 lens of the Gear 360
Gear 360
A woman’s hand
Left side view of Gear 360
Right side view of Gear 360

All around

Just slip the Gear 360 into your bag as you head outside. From camping to dining al fresco, the dust and splash resistant Gear 360 can take on your world.

*Certified IP53 for protection against harmful deposits of dust and against water sprayed at any angle up to 60º from the vertical.

Top view of Gear 360 with one lens covered in dust and the other lens with water splashed on it.
Off-road motorcycle being driven on a dirt road.
Boy running as water drops are sprayed in the air

Seamless connection

Pair up your Galaxy smartphone via Bluetooth, then use Wi-Fi Direct to transform its large screen into a very handy remote viewfinder and to transfer files in one simple move.

*Compatible with the latest Galaxy smartphones. Details in the Specifications section below.

Gear 360 on tripod
Image of skateboarder on Galaxy S7 edge screen

Easy access

Shoot in live view mode, stitch the 360˚ footage with ease, trim it to your liking and share it online. It's simple and easy with your Galaxy smartphone or your PC.

*The minimum system requirements for running the Gear 360 ActionDirector program on your computer can be found at the Samsung Support homepage.

  • Hand about to press record on Gear 360 SHOOT
  • Hand about to touch Galaxy S7 display STITCH & EDIT
  • Galaxy S7 being used as remote viewfinder for Gear 360. VIEW
  • Footage taken with Gear 360 being shared from Galaxy S7. SHARE

Gear 360 is compatible with the Google Street View app. That means you can capture and instantly publish your photo spheres to Street View, and invite the world over to your street. Click to get the Google Street View app.

Get the Google Street View app Google Street View icon
  • CMOS, 15.0 MP x2 Image Sensor
  • 152 Weight (g)
  • 1350 mAh Standard Battery Capacity
  • Bluetooth v4.1 Bluetooth Version
  • 56.3 x 66.7 x 60.1mm Dimension (HxWxD)

*Usable memory size is less than the total memory size due to storage of the operating system and software required to operate the phones' features. Actual usable memory size will also vary depending on the mobile phone operator and may change after software upgrades are performed

Gear 360 Customer Consultant Guide

Gear 360 Customer Consultant GuideSee The Answer

Gear 360 Customer Consultant Guide Version 2

Gear 360 Customer Consultant Guide Version 2See The Answer

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