CSO Perspectives on Mobile Security

Nov 28, 2012

CSO Perspectives on Mobile Security

  • Date May 15, 2012
  • Venue Gleacher Center at the University of Chicago , Chicago, IL
  • Associate IDG / CSO Media

When you Attend the CSO Perspectives Seminar you will :

how companies are dealing with this effectively
what strategies and techniques major organizations are using to address this
what you can do right away and get answers to all your questions
with peers who wrestle with similar issues and concerns

Agenda Topics

  • The Mobile Imperative
  • Balancing Mission-Critical User Experiences and Data Protection and Privacy
  • The Hidden Threats of Bring Your Own Device Programs
  • Getting the Organization's Arms Around Effective and Secure Mobility

Samsung Enterprise Mobility Demonstration

  • Biz App SAP CRM Go | Analytics iVew
  • VPN Juniper Junospulse Go
  • Virtualization Citrix Receiver Go

Samsung Industry Executive Presentation

A Case for BYOD: Policing what’s not yours
(David Lowe, VP, Samsung Telecommunications America)

A recent survey reveals that two-thirds of businesses that allow personal devices to be used at work don’t have a formal policy in place to manage them. With sensitive data residing on most corporate devices, the absence of policy exposes the organization to considerable risks. But with employees demanding to use the device of their choosing, how should businesses balance the desires of their employees with the need to maintain corporate security? Join us as we examine the opportunities and challenges of the BYOD workplace and provide real-world examples of companies and industries that have successfully -- and sometimes unsuccessfully -- secured employee-owned mobile devices used in corporate settings.

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