SAMSUNG Electronics Launches the Masterpiece Air Conditioners that Can Change Everyday Life

Jan 24, 2008

SAMSUNG Electronics Co., which has taken staunch and aggressive steps worldwide as a provider of world class air-conditioning solutions, newly launched the exceptional Vivace air conditioners that provide a worry-free air. Not only presenting the powerful cool air, SAMSUNG's new air conditioners are equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies to completely change everyday life. SAMSUNG air conditioners are proven to have the best ability to eliminate SARS-associated corona virus and also influenza virus which has the same genetic structure as the avian influenza virus. As there are growing concerns of the living environment and health, the Micro Plasma Ion technology focused on eliminating everyday anxieties by generating active hydrogen atoms together with oxygen ions.

Micro Plasma Ion technology is the world's first generation of harmless hydrogen atoms and ions based on micro plasma discharge technology. It is also the first in the world to neutralize the harmful activated oxygen species (OH Radical) using active hydrogen. It creates a purified zone where you are protected from harmful elements in the air. "Based on our precise studies over several years, the Micro Plasma Ion technology not only protects individuals from harmful elements such as viruses, allergens, bacteria and molds, but also helps protect skin from the harmful Active Oxygen (OH Radical) that accelerates the aging process of the skin." said DongHa Jang, vice president of SAMSUNG Electronics Philippines Corporation. Another main feature of SAMSUNG air conditioners is the Good Sleep Mode which is an epoch-making temperature control program developed to control the air temperature during your sleep and maintain optimum skin temperature to enjoy a comfortable sleep and also a refreshed wake up. SAMSUNG performed experiments on humans to find the best temperature from falling asleep to wake up. Through the experiments on many people, SAMSUNGdeveloped a precise temperature control program that keeps the skin temperature at the best during the 3 stages of dormancy ("Falling Asleep" Stage, "Sound Sleep" Stage and "Wake up" Stage). The Good Sleep Mode is a result of one of the studies that SAMSUNG has been undertaking for many years. During the "Falling Asleep" Stage, the Air conditioners cool down quickly the room temperature, together with comfortable intermittent air; you will be able to fall asleep quickly. The second Stage is the "Sound Sleep" Stage in which wavy temperature control and insensible air stream will maintain optimum skin temperature for deep and comfortable sleep. During the last stage "Wake up" it increases room temperature to raise human body temperature for refreshing wake up. The Good Sleep Mode increases the total amount of deep sleep hours by 82% compared to the sleep mode used by other competitors; it maintains comfortable skin temperature throughout the night by the precise temperature control. This technology also saves up to 30% energy compared with a normal cooling to reduce consumers' worries on electricity bills. In addition to the above mentioned features SAMSUNG air conditioners are equipped with different features and functions in addition to the advanced and differentiated designs.