Samsung Media Roundtable at MWC

Nov 28, 2012

Samsung Media Roundtable at MWC

Samsung released a statement on the security of its Android-platform devices during the MWC 2012. Through a global partnership, Samsung is now providing the most powerful mobile security solutions ever developed on the Android platform for corporate customers. Integrating these powerful security solutions developed by worldwide software providers with world-class Samsung mobile devices, Samsung is ready to invade the enterprise market. Currently, Samsung Android-platform devices support 347 IT policies, the most powerful device of its kind, reinforced with the FIPS 140-2 certification from the United States Government. Samsung is adding value to worldwide corporations by providing proven mobile devices that are ahead of international security standards and requirements.

FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards:
Standards established by the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) regarding corporate security including password and robustness.

Up until recently, Samsung has focused its brand strategy on the consumer market. Using the MWC 2012 as a springboard, Samsung has revealed its long-term capabilities and potential for the corporate market. Samsung offers the best support for the Afaria security policies in partnership with SAP proving its competitiveness compared to its global rival, Apple. The fact that SAP has equipped its own staff members with Samsung mobile devices is a good example of showing that Samsung is ready to jump into the enterprise market with its enterprise-friendly security devices. SAP’s CIO, Oliver Bussmann, who supports the BYOD trend, said that forming a partnership with Samsung’s mobile solution was a wise decision as it is the most secure and trustworthy device ever developed for corporate users. As a corporate user, you can take your Samsung mobile device to your office and customize it according to your business needs with no worries about security threats.

[ "I currently don't see anyone on the Android side who's as far advanced," ]

- Oliver Bussmann, SAP CIO

Live from MWC 2012, SAMSUNG & SAP Interview

Press Release

Samsung Enriches SAP’s Mobile Offerings with Android Devices

SAP and Samsung have worked closely together to optimize security on Samsung’s Android devices, providing enhanced IT policies for multiple device management on any scale. The Sybase ® Afaria ® 7.0 mobile device management system, available on enterprise class models including GALAXY Note, GALAXY S II, and GALAXY TABLETS, offers a large variety of enterprise functions, helping ensure that businessescan get the very most out of their fleet of mobile devices, providing a more flexible and connected workforce.