Enjoy an efficiently run household with three new appliances from Samsung

Jul 30, 2010

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) launched its newest line-up of home appliances recently at the Rockwell Tent. TV and radio personality Sam Oh hosted the event, while Chef Sau Del Rosario taught guests dishes they can cook using the new Samsung Microwave Oven. Samsung’s executives, President KC Park, CFO Philip Lee, Marketing Director Benjie Jimenez, Consumer Electronic –HA Business Adviser DJ Kim, Head for Brand Marketing Chiqui Tan and Head for Home Appliances Tonette Lee welcomed guests while Product Managers Lei Venturina and Belle Enciso, discussed the different and unique features of the home appliances. These are critical emerging areas of growth for Samsung to build on its 2010 success. Samsung also reaffirmed its commitment to the environment both in terms of innovative new product features and new green initiatives. Understanding every family’s need to save time, money and energy in today’s fast-paced and budget conscious world, global electronics leader Samsung debuts three home appliances – the French Door Refrigerator (RF62NERS), Front Load Washer and Dryer (WD8754), and Microwave Oven (AMW83E-SB) – each one a worthy addition to every home. Ultra-sleek and stylish, these modern kitchen must-haves are designed to do the job and then some, thanks to a host of multi-functions and state of the art advancements. The stainless steel Samsung French Door Refrigerator boasts a Twin Cooling System that offers optimal humidity level, no mixing of odors, and consistent temperature of the fridge and cooling compartments. It also operates with a no-Frost Technology, sparing you from the tedious chore of defrosting. The fridge has a one body shelf that makes it easy to store and draw food, compared to the traditional 33-nch models which come with two separate shelves. While slim, the Samsung French Door Refrigerators is also very spacious: note the adjustable and easy-to-remove bins, the big box drawer at the freezer compartment, and the movable fresh box for jam, cheese and bacon. Hidden hinges, light responding modern edges, simple controls, beautiful contour surface and sophisticated blue color digital display round up the features of this durable appliance. With a user-friendly, one-touch digital control panel and a simple yet elegant design, the Samsung Microwave Oven (AMW83-SB) comes with a Triple Distribution System, ensuring equal amounts of heat from three microwave distribution points. A Rapid Defrost function, meanwhile, brings frozen foods back to their fresh, pre-frozen state with the instant push of a button. Preparing meals can be quick, hot and delicious with this kitchen innovation, which also comes with a cookbook featuring dishes you can create with the microwave oven. Anyone who’s ever had to wash his or her own clothes will appreciate the many functions of the Samsung Front Load Washer and Dryer (WD8754). With a door widened up to 480 mm, you get 20% more space for easy loading and unloading. Meanwhile, a diamond-embossed drum bodes for excellent fabric care; thereby keeping your clothes looking new even after many washings. Taking laundry to a whole new level, the Samsung Front Load Washer and Dryer also effectively removes bacteria from your clothes’ fabric for up to a month through countless microscopic ions in its Silver Wash technology. The Air Refresh system, on the other hand, does what air-drying clothes can’t; it removes undesirable odors that cling to clothes, like sweat and smoke. A Quiet Drive Motor eliminates any noise associated with washers and dryers, making every laundry day a quiet and pleasant experience. Samsung’s French Door Refrigerator, Front Load Washer and Dryer, and Microwave Oven are available in all major appliance stores nationwide.