The New Samsung ML-1660 A Compact Printer for Your Everyday Needs

Jun 07, 2010

Information, for both home use and school needs, has been easily accessible to just about everyone in the last decade thanks to the rapid evolution of the personal computer and the Internet. What most users have trouble finding is a perfect, reliable partner in making all these virtual information tangible in paper. Printers with high quality resolution output often come with a hefty price tag, or worse, an affordable price for the machine itself but with shockingly expensive consumables.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., one of the world’s fastest-rising and leading electronics manufacturers, is introducing the new Samsung ML-1660, a compact mono-laser printer perfect for your everyday needs. Packed with features despite its small size, this printer is ideal for basic home use and for students with lots of black-and-white printing needs.

TV host, DJ, and Communication Arts student Andi Manzano sees a lot of use for the Samsung ML-1660 in her thesis and school requirements. “It’s small and easy to use,” she says, “you can even take it to school so if you’re cramming papers, you don’t have to go to the computer shops to have them printed.” True enough, the compact design of the Samsung ML-1660—not longer than a standard laptop and definitely not bulky—makes it perfect to be brought to school for term paper or thesis crunch time.

“I don’t need high-graphic stuff; I just print research papers, graphs, statistics, and other things for my dissertation,” says psychology instructor and Ateneo de Manila University PhD student Nina Samaco. “The Samsung ML-1660 is just perfect for all that.”

The Samsung ML-1660 also fits well with home printing needs. Mercedes Salgado-Gregorio, full-time mom to her kids and wife to Derby Aces coach Ryan Gregorio, is impressed with the printer’s user interface. “It’s child-friendly; even my children can use it for their homework!”

With this sleekly two-toned ultra-compact printer, your desk can be stylish because of the Samsung ML-1660, not despite of it. Plus, this printer is engineered to be whisper-quiet and just generates a sound lesser than the gentle hum of a refrigerator even when running.

Also impressive are two new features that Samsung has incorporated in their new smart printers: the Print Screen button and the AnyWeb function, both of which makes printing from the Internet way easier. Despite its small size, the Samsung ML-1660 boasts of a print speed of 17 pages per minute and a remarkable 1,200 x 600dpi print resolution—satisfying both your need for speed and your demand for quality.

What’s more, the Samsung ML-1660 retails for an unbelievably low price of P3,990—making it one of the most affordable high-performance laser printers in the market. The consumables are very cost-efficient, too: the toner retails for just P2,990 and yields 1,500 black-and-white pages. Compact, feature-packed, cost-efficient, and even energy efficient thanks to an energy-saving standby mode, the Samsung ML-1660 just proves that sometimes, the best things in life definitely come in small packages.